Do Vaccines Cause Autism? The Corrupt Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (Video)

mercury-vaccine-1[1]Why is there still a vaccine – autism controversy? Because families have been blocked from getting into a REAL court to prove that vaccines have caused their child’s autism.

The Canary Party presents a video on the corrupt Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to show how the federal government and pharmaceutical companies continue to get away with claiming that vaccines don’t cause autism in the face of mounting evidence that they are doing just that in a growing number of children.

This video shows how difficult it is to collect claims in the Vaccine Court, and that the U.S. government has a conflict of interest in allowing negative information about vaccines go public, since they hold many of the patents on vaccines and benefit financially.

The video also points out that at the most recent Congressional hearings on the rising rates of Autism, that the CDC could not produce one single study proving that vaccines were safe.




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