Doctors’ Groups & ICUs No Longer Seeing Covid19 – Stop the Curfews!

Sentinel Network, SOS doctors, Emergencies no longer see Covid19. Stop curfew!


The epidemic is over in France, but the media say otherwise and the terrorist propaganda is more active than ever.

Imagination in power: during the March wave, there was a morbid daily death toll, then in October there were “cases” (based on unreliable tests with 97% false positives) and now, in the absence of sick people and even positive tests, the English “variant” is being stirred up, with nothing to prove its dangerousness! Finally, our leaders have accepted the idea that viruses mutate, as Prof. Raoult has been explaining to the whole of France for months. If each mutant causes panic, our economy will be dead within a year, as the Davos Plan has been hoping for and organizing for years under the pretext of this pseudo plague that has not killed more than many other flu seasons of past years.

The current scenario and reality

For several weeks now, the government and the complicit media have once again stirred up fear to make people accept curfews, without any real health interest [1]. 1] They claim that the Covid19 is coming back more nasty than ever, invigorated by an English or South African mutation. 2] To convince us, they display a growing number of positive PCR “cases”, whose unreliability [3] [4] [5] and drawbacks [6] are recognized even by the WHO [3] [4] [5]. However, the majority of the “cases” are neither sick, nor contagious, nor virus carriers and therefore do not reflect the reality of the epidemic, but mainly the number of tests performed and the number of amplification sessions performed.

The Sentinel Network is a research and health monitoring network in primary care in metropolitan France. Created in November 1984, it was developed under the joint supervision of the National Institute of Health, Medical Research and Sorbonne University. It brings together more than 1,400 family doctors, general practitioners and pediatricians. Every year, it is used to monitor epidemics of bronchiolitis, influenza, gastroenteritis, measles and colds and their virulence. This year, it has extended the surveillance of the usual contagious diseases to Covid19. Its data are more relevant than those of Santé Publique France, which mainly publishes hospital data and depends on the Minister, who ensures that its publications do not hinder its terrorist propaganda.

For what differentiates Covid19 from previous epidemics is neither its virulence nor its mortality, but the media treatment it receives. During previous severe epidemics, the Ministry reassured the population.

Translation: (green text) Back in the time of the Hong Kong flu, the media reassured us with visual information. 1. Hong Kong flu killed a million people, with at least 30,000 in France. 2. At SNCF (train company), 15% of Paris employees were affected. Paris schools were affected one by one. In Toulouse, 25% of the population had it; in Lyon, a quarter were affected. 3. In Nice, ‘We didn’t have the time to take out the dead. They were piling up in a a room next to emergency. And we evacuated them when we could, during the day, the evening.” (red text) In 2020, the media and government have, on the contrary, done everything they can to create and maintain a state of psychosis.


Since the beginning of the current crisis, the Ministry and the media have been trying to panic the population into accepting pseudo-health measures that have never proved can be useful, and whose harmfulness to both global health and the economy is measured daily by everyone, the unemployed, precarious workers, the poor, the cafés and restaurants, the world of culture and sports, and the small shopkeepers.

The young adults are the first victims for the benefit of the big chains, the GAFA (ER: Google, Amazon, FB and Apple) and the super rich, without these measures allowing us to save our old people, who are also pushed into the syndrome of slipping away from life that deserves to be lived (surrounded by family, friends, etc…), further helped towards death by the Rivotril (ER: injectable, strong doses of clonzepam that are usually used at the end of life) of the decrees of March and October, to be injected in case of respiratory problems and “suspicion” of covid. (ER: These are effectively death sentences.)

Early treatments that would easily resolve the vast majority of these infectious episodes are still forbidden against any health logic, which is obviously not the objective. The media continue to anchor in the brains of viewers that there is no such thing as treatment, a huge lie repeated by ministers – the argument of authority is tragic. Yet the very low mortality in countries that have been using Raoult’s treatment (HCQ), ivermectin or artemisinin since the beginning of the epidemic are well established scientific evidence that our rulers do not want to recognize. The goal is obviously to prolong the crisis and the ruin of the middle class and to make us consume remdesivir, then untested gene vaccines for more than two months, and their major risks.

And yet the epidemic is really over

Sentinel Network: Where Were the Covid19 Patients at the End of 2020?

Since the beginning of September 2020, 543 patients presenting an Acute Viral Infection (AVI) have been seen in general medicine and pediatric consultations, and have been sampled in the framework of the Sentinel surveillance, mainly nasopharyngeal swabs tested for different respiratory viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and influenza viruses.

Week 52: none were positive for CoV-2-SARSARS (COVID-19) (0/17 tested)

Week 53: none were positive for CoV-2-SARS (COVID-19) among specimens collected, and 17 patients with ARF seen in clinic (23.1%) were positive for hRV (cold virus).

This confirmed absence of a Covid19 patient in a family doctor consultation has lasted since week 47.

These data make it possible to estimate that at the end of 2020, the incidence rate of acute respiratory infections due to CA-MRSA-CoV-2 (COVID-19) seen in general practice was less than 14 cases per 100,000 inhabitants [7], representing less than 9,097 new cases of COVID-19 seen by a general practitioner.

This estimate is stable compared to previous weeks.

The virtual disappearance of Covid19 patients is also observed by SOS Médecins.

And to hospital emergency rooms:

This virtual absence of Covid19 patients seen in general medicine and pediatrics, by SOS doctors and in hospital emergency rooms, belies the alarmist statements of the Ministry based on tests mostly performed in screening asymptomatic people, who are neither sick, nor carriers of whole viruses, nor contagious.

If the epidemic were still active, general practitioners would have to see many covid19 patients, but they no longer see any.

So why this permanent governmental disinformation?

There is no other explanation than the desire to prolong panic in the population and the state of emergency indefinitely to justify supposedly health measures, when there is no evidence that they could have the slightest impact on the spread of a possible epidemic.

The aim of this false propaganda is probably to carry out the Davos program detailed in Schwab’s book by eliminating, among other things, 75% of independent restaurants by maintaining the lockdowns and work bans until December 2021, precisely foreseen by Ferguson’s report 9, whose predictions proved to be false [8] ,[9] but which the government follows to the letter.

The prophecies are there to condition the naive population and not to help with health security. The course of the management of the epidemic demonstrates this day after day.

This virtual absence of patients Covid19 seen in medicine

Getting out of the government’s grip on the population

What can the countless victims of these aberrant measures do?

Stop being afraid of a virus that currently makes far fewer people sick than seasonal colds.

Stop being fooled by media propaganda and government promises: compensation and upcoming reopenings always scheduled in 15 days and always postponed because of “cases,” whose number always increases just before a decision is made to justify it (when in fact it was made a long time ago). The aim of this policy is to push as many establishments as possible into bankruptcy so that the channels can monopolize the market.

Explain to those around you that performing PCR tests when you are healthy is useless, neither for the person undergoing them[10] , nor for his relatives[11] , but only contributes to feeding government propaganda to prolong the state of emergency and the closures. Stop these tests!

Remind everyone of the catastrophic results of the French health policy followed up to that point and which has placed us, along with the countries that confine us harshly, in the European top 5 of the highest Covid mortality rates19. Stop deadly politics!

Inform its elected representatives, mayors, deputies by showing them the data from the Sentinelle network, which shows that the epidemic is behind us, reminding them that the extension of restrictions is killing the economy, obviating the future of young people [12] and ultimately threatening the lives of several tens of thousands of French people, without really protecting anyone.

Take legal action against those responsible for these measures in order to obtain fair compensation for the damages suffered. Let those responsible pay!

Demonstrate peacefully for the respect of our fundamental freedoms: freedom to work, freedom of movement, freedom to express one’s opinions, freedom to pray, freedom to go to restaurants, theaters, museums, universities, bars, discotheques, etc. Without masks, which is only witness to the submission imposed on us by the leaders submitted to the WHO, except in a few countries more respectful of their peoples such as Finland, Iceland, Sweden [13], Norway [14], Belarus.



1] No randomized trials or historical studies support the effectiveness of curfews against an epidemic that mainly affects young people when the only people to be protected are the elderly who are already sick.

2] Coronavirus: why does the South African variant worries scientists? Researchers have not found an increase in mortality directly related to this variant.

[3] WHO Information Notice for Users ivd 15 12 2020

4] Lisbon Court of Appeal of 26-08-2020: In view of the current scientific evidence, this test alone does not make it possible to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that such a positivity corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person with the SARS-CoV-2 virus,

5] Recommendation of the Welsh Health Agency of 20 July 2020: The performance of the existing RT-PCR is unsuited to the non-targeted screening of asymptomatic individuals, PCR tests are not suitable for the comprehensive, non-targeted screening of asymptomatic individuals

6] E Surkova, V Nikolayevskyy, F Drobniewsk False-positive COVID-19 results: hidden problems and costs Vol 8 December 2020

7] Seasonal influenza is considered an epidemic when the incidence reaches 150 to 200/100,000.


9] N Delépine Ferguson lies roughly and the newspaper Nature publishes it France Soir 11 1 2021

10] Since the positive cases are not treated

11] The recent Chinese study shows that out of 410 asymptomatic cases identified after screening nearly 10 million Chinese people, none became ill, none shed the virus, and none contaminated their contacts.

12] According to the WHO, youth are disproportionately affected by the long-term consequences of health measures: interruption of schooling, economic uncertainty, loss or lack of employment opportunities, physical and mental health effects, and trauma caused by domestic violence. For example, anxiety disorders caused by IDVOC-19 have been detected in nearly 90 percent of youth, more than one billion students in almost every country have been affected by school closures, and one in six youth around the world have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

13] Who just recommended masks on public transport?

14] Which only imposes the mask in crowded public transport.



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