Does Art Mean Much During Global Disaster?

Does Art Mean Much During Global Disaster?

By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

For several months during this terrible era in our lives, I have been asking myself this very question, although I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. Should I drop it all, consider it unimportant and concentrate on what I can do about it by throwing myself into the fray, as I would if my house was burning down?

I believe this is a question that has traveled down the centuries and artists have considered it a great hindrance imposed on them during very difficult times when most people’s attention is on bare survival. Many have just simply given up their passion, replacing it with “more important things”. Meaning, are we as guilty as Nero who “fiddled while Rome burned?”

I’m certain that art is as much a target of destruction as the economy, our health and our freedom. No matter what you do in life, that is a reality. You can search for “Psychopolitics” which lays out all the ways they planned to put in a suppressed planet, most of which has currently blossomed into deadly chaos.

However, many artists can decide to acknowledge they are defeated and say: THEY DID IT TO ME! What does that really mean? What’s underneath it? It’s really the earlier decision that only outside forces can make or break them and their careers. Too often this false idea is put into effect, despite the initial and inborn power of their own goals.

So why do some artists continue to create, despite the chaos and danger, no matter how overwhelming? It’s because their lives have gone beyond themselves. They become dissatisfied with just their own success, even if it becomes greater during the crisis. They have embraced the concepts of neighbors, community and the planet. How can any good person, artist or not, avoid it? They know that as painters, musicians, filmmakers and writers, other’s survival must be included in their aesthetics.

In fact, many had already had this expansive viewpoint even before covid hit the world. It just became more urgent. What they DON’T do is give it up and spend all day watching alternative news and sending it to all their friends. That is simply agreeing with the enemy by putting so much attention on it. What we put attention on will grow, multiply and manifest.

I don’t mean we shouldn’t watch and read alternative news. We need to be aware so we can help overcome it. We need to support them. Energy comes from creation. And the more aware we are of the happenings in the world, the more we will inject that creation into solutions which stem from our own unique world, our own way of communicating. It’s all creative, not battling. Nothing is more beautiful than each person’s inner world.

Here is an article about this subject I found interesting. His last line does sound a bit harsh to me, “Of all human beings living through these trying times, it is the artist who has no right to be silent.” I don’t really disagree but it puts some force into the equation. One can’t demand responsibility. It has to grow through awareness, such as many of us have who “woke up”.

I recall that very moment my husband and I had our awareness. We saw Ron Paul for the first time on TV many years ago. I stared at him mesmerized and said, “He’s not a politician.” And, of course he’s not, as the word politician is primarily described. I’d be interested to hear YOUR moment.

The responsibility the artist has is to take his growing awareness and incorporate it into what he creates. It should come naturally, not out of guilt or from “I must do this”. It is simply an expansion of one’s being.

The Role of The Artist in Times of Crisis

Lastly, I want to present a most amazing musician who is a fine example of expansion of his art into the heart of the world and it’s dire needs. Here’s two I love.

… and


Parting Shot …


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  1. Very well written and I agree wholeheartedly.
    As with most artists, you have more than one creative outlet.
    Love your paintings as well as your writing.

    Thanks for mentioning me in your article.

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