Dr Humphries Discusses the Vaccine Fiasco With TLB

TLB Special: Dr Susanne Humphries Discusses the Vaccine Fiasco

By Show Host and TLB Founder: Roger Landry (TLB)

On this episode of The Liberty Beacon Special we bring you another outstanding guest, one who as a practicing doctor, has seen the vaccine issue, and all its trials and tribulations from close up and in a fashion very few can relate to on the same level … Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

Together with my co-host Christina England (an outstanding writer, author and TLB contributor) we are privileged to have an extended discussion with Dr. Humphries as to her path from practicing conventional medicine, to her awakening to the danger of vaccines, and her current mission to educate as many as possible on this vital issue.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries is a conventionally educated medical doctor who was a participant in the conventional system from 1989 until 2011. During those years she saw how often that approach fails patients and creates new diseases.

She left conventional medicine to research the many problems with mainstream medical theory.

Her Book “Dissolving Illusions”, written by herself and Roman Bystrianyk, is available as Paperback in the USA, and in the United Kingdom.

Click HERE to find out more about her book and how you can purchase it.

Read much more about Dr Humphries background as written in her book Dissolving Illusions HERE

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Included below is a six part video series where Dr. Humphries takes us down the path of her career both in conventional medicine and her awakening to the fiasco we now call the vaccine schedule, its dangers and its masters. Please take the time to watch and listen as she puts forth a perspective that is rare and valuable to all who are concerned …


Dr Humphries discusses the primary issues in her hospital that set her on her course, her education and history. She addresses her relationship with homeopathy.

Dr Humphries discusses the issues faced when she realized the lack of scientific backing for vaccination policy on sick patients in her hospital.

Dr Humphries discusses her reflections on her leaving the hospital and the situation with aluminum in kidney patients and everyone.

Dr Humphries discovered a history of vaccine criticism in the medical profession: Sir Graham Wilson, Dr J A Morris, Dr Bernice Eddy, Merck Whistleblowers. Some mind blowing history is reviewed; ‘vaccine irregularities’, SV40, polyoma virus, and use of tumorigenic kidney cells to make today’s vaccines. The relationship of SV40 and today’s kidney problems.

Scientific literature on what happens epigenetically after vaccination is reviewed. Many disease genes are upregulated after vaccines. Learn why one size fits all vaccinations are an irrational solution for disease eradication.

In the series finale, Dr Humphries reveals the many problems with vaccine policy, the trouble with trusting the WHO, WHO scandals, today’s policies, and that every year hospitals unnecessarily kill over 500 times more people per year than died of measles every year, before the vaccine.

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