Dr Sam White Speaks to Dr Reiner Fuellmich & the Corona Investigative Committee [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Here are some main points raised in the testimony given by Dr. Sam White (his website; his interview page) to lawyer Reiner Fuellmich. from 2:09:36 to 2:49:22. (The entire video is interesting and is dubbed in English when German experts are speaking.) The article below by The Daily Expose adds additional information.

  • He was sceptical of the narrative early on. NHS were mandating doctors close their doors, and that triage consultations be done over the phone first before seeing anyone face to face. In effect, respiratory patients couldn’t be seen in person. Also, PCR tests were being used indiscriminately without appropriate clinical assessment. Cases were diagnosed in the absence of symptoms!
  • Dr. White wanted no part in the Pfizer vaccine rollout because he knew of the Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) in animals in the SARS-CoV trials. In early 2021 it was clear they wanted to vaccinate younger and younger populations who were at no risk. There wasn’t enough trial data over a long enough period of time for informed consent to happen, and the vaccine benefits were unclear. So he resigned from his practice and wrote his concerns in a letter of resignation.
  • In June 2021 he responded to a serious question on social media, and made an 8-minute video which went viral (ER: Find it hereUPDATE: this may have been taken down). 2 weeks later he got an e-mail suspending him from his NHS work; the next day, he got a call from them claiming that he had a serious mental health problem. FOI requests show that they viewed him as mentally ill.
  • Last week, a tribunal was done by the General Medical Council which basically upheld the claims made against him. They’ve also stopped him from commenting on any aspect of the Covid ‘pandemic’ and have put restrictions on him speaking out for a further 18 months pending a full GMC trial. So he has no rights to freedom of speech.
  • Every 5 years, doctors are required to be re-licensed, which he was in the early part of 2021. Part of his submission to be relicensed contained the claims he had made about the pandemic (PCR tests, withholding known therapies, using gene-based therapies in breach of informed consent, etc.). He even cited the WEF, claiming doctors were being used to advance the WEF agenda. The person who signed off on this information and submission was eventually the person who suspended him. His ideas and claims were not a problem when they were submitted quietly, in written form, earlier in the year; they only became a problem when viewed by the public on social media. He was relicensed IN SPITE OF these claims prior to the social media episode.
  • White’s persecution for speaking out is happening to other doctors around the world. (See the case of Dr. Thomas Binder on Dr White’s site.) We have a systemic failure of doctors being unable to voice their concerns and alert the general public to harms being committed by the profession.
  • White’s legal team also submitted a letter to the head of NHS England, Sir Simon Stevens, Parliament, and the MHRA. The pandemic has a high survival rate; basically, English people have been experimented on. As we head into the winter season, we still have no access to proven treatments like ivermectin, which could be life-saving.
  • Fuellmich: people are beginning to rise up as thousands of public sector workers in cities such as San Francisco and LA are refusing to go along with ‘this’ (ER: vaccine mandates?) White’s actions have motivated people to come forward. These are definitely crimes against humanity. It’s all part of the anti-democratic, anti-human Great Reset agenda.
  • White is getting public support in the UK, but his professional insurer won’t help him because his case is a professional misconduct issue. Yet other cases classified as such do get help. This seems to be the first time that such a case is not being funded. So his lawyer and barrister are working cheaply. They have created a legal fund, and are using it to also challenge the vaccine mandates and to prevent vaccination in children. It’s criminal beyond belief.
  • ER: White reads out the following, which are ‘allegations’ made against him. He reads each one out, and provides the evidence for why he’s actually said these things:  the NHS and the government are lying; doctors and nurses have been prevented from using proven treatments (the elderly who died in care homes were largely deficient in vitamin D and zinc); vaccines are not safe and should have been withdrawn; people don’t need the vaccine as it involves making lots of the toxic spike protein; over 99% survive and only those with multiple co-morbidities haven’t; he asked viewers of his video to do their own research using resources such as the VAERS database and the EU’s; he asked viewers to consider the harmful side effects for themselves; he raised concerns over the PCR test fraud, generating false positives; common law rights of citizens were being broken by government regulations; masks do not work. They additionally claimed that he has a serious mental health problems despite not having given him a psychiatric assessment, as well as having used his office computer to access the dark web. (He requested a forensic assessment of his computer, but this was not done.) His claims are all evidence-based and proven over time, yet for SAYING IT PUBLICLY, they claim he is mentally ill.

It’s the Biggest Experiment in Human History

  • Fuellmich: experts he’s heard testimony from have backed up all of White’s claims re. the virus, test, masks, vaccines, etc.  A fully-fledged trial has been avoided so far because they’re afraid of what will come out.
  • White: NHS whistleblowers typically get treated very badly for quite some time, until their claims are vindicated.
  • Is White getting support from other doctors? He belongs to medical research groups, but these operate mostly covertly. There is quite a lot of cognitive dissonance in the medical professional about the vaccines. If we recall Dr. Andrew Wakefield (ER: who recommended the MMR vaccine be broken up into separate components administered at different times on young children), people are too scared to come forward. These doctors giving the vaccines will have likely received them themselves.
  • London rallies have indeed grown, but it may be difficult for these people to admit what’s going on or that they’re susceptible to ADE in the fall since many of them have been vaccinated. In the fall, these people will need medical help with ivermectin.
  • Fuellmich: all senior doctors and experts they’ve talked to (including Yeadon, Bhakti, Wodarg and Montagnier) say the vaccinated run the risk of ADE within the upcoming months, and autoimmune disorders over a longer period of time. So in the winter and spring of 2022, there will be a need for doctors and nurses who can help with these vaccine-fallout problems, who themselves will not have been vaccinated. Fuellmich is getting a hospital organized with staff such as these to deal with these anticipated problems.
  • The official virus / vaccine narrative is being used to divide us, yet this tactic is rapidly losing ground. We need people to understand that upcoming health problems will not be due to the virus but due to the vaccination.
  • The vulnerable will need access to effective drugs; the vaccine damage will need to be treated; and post-mortems need to be done again. They were either banned or procedurally altered just as the ‘pandemic’ got going so as to be able to diagnose Covid as the cause of death.


Dr Sam White speaks to Dr Reiner Fuellmich & the Corona Investigative Committee


Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the Coronavirus response and what the consequences have been and still are for people, and in a video uploaded on the 2nd September they spoke with Dr Sam White.

Dr Sam White recently published a video that went viral on social media being viewed by over 1 million people. In it he said that “the vaccine programme has been rolled out in breach of the legal requirements for clinicians to obtain the free and informed consent of those being vaccinated,” and “the requirement to wear face coverings in an NHS setting is in breach of common law obligations not to cause harm and breaches statutory obligations in relation to provision of PPE”.
Since the video went viral Dr Sam White was told on the 26th June, 2021 that he was suspended with immediate effect from all work within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The reason given was due to the social media video he had made. However, a day later he received a phone call from a senior clinical advisor to NHS England who did not reference his social media video as the reason for his suspension but instead claimed he had been suspended due to having a “health problem”. Implying that it had been decided Dr Sam White must be mentally ill due to the claims he had made in the video. With the help of Philip Hyland Solicitors, Dr Sam White then sent a letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of NHS England Sir Simon Stevens. The letter was also sent to Cressida Dick the Metropolitan Police chief, Charlie Massey the Chief Executive of the General Medical Council, Kathryn Stone OBE the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards, and Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons.
The solicitors asked Sir Simon Stevens to treat the letter as “a public interest disclosure or whistle blow in that it raises allegations of alleged criminal conduct and breach of legal obligations by those leading the Covid response” and is extremely condemning of the authorities which have imposed Draconian restrictions and unnecessary medical treatments on the British people for the past sixteen months.

Dr Sam White

“My client raised concerns during his NHS five year revalidation appraisal process with the NHS in November 2020. All of these concerns were raised during the revalidation appraisal process and overlap with what is in my client’s social media content.

“The NHS took no action on either the substance of the concerns raised in my client’s appraisal nor did the NHS take any action against my client for raising those concerns during his appraisal. My client’s appraisal was signed off by the NHS Responsible Person. The same Responsible Person who later suspended my client. The NHS appear to have acted in the way they did because my client pointed out that there are a number of elephants in the room.”

The letter makes several extremely serious accusations which you can read in full here.

Dr Sam White recently attended a tribunal held by the General Medical Council, the regulatory body in the UK who decide which doctors are qualified to work in the UK and set standards that doctors must follow. The same regulatory body that have so far refused to investigate several false claims made by Dr Hilary Jones to millions of people on the TV show Good Morning Britain.

The GMC did not consider any evidence in the tribunal claiming they were not there to do that, despite the viral video made by Dr Sam White being evidence based and supported by expert witnesses. The GMC decided to charge Dr Sam White with “quoting misinformation”.

They then told Dr Sam White that he can no longer comment on any aspect of the pandemic via social media and placed restrictions on his practice for a further 18 months pending a full trial by the GMC., breaching his human right to freedom of speech.

Rather than remain silent as instructed by the GMC, Dr Sam White instead decided to speak to Dr Reiner Fuellmich and the rest of the Corona Committee based in Germany.

Since July 2020 the Corona Investigative Committee in Germany has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts, and you can watch their discussion with Dr Sam White in Session No. 67 from the 02:09:30 mark in the video below –



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