Drug Free Kids: Beating the Dealers

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Episode #17: Beating the Dealers

Hosted by Steve Cook, who is a talk show host for TLB Radio, a writer, and the Sr. Editor of TLB UK.

By: Steve Cook

Join us for an update on the progress of the ground-breaking Drug Free Kids campaign as we near the launch date of the brand new “Beating the Dealers” online drug education platform.

This is an exciting first in the field of effective drug education and it opens the door for EVERY parent to be swiftly equipped to help their children make the rights choices to stay drug free.

This Drug Free Kids campaign and its revolutionary “Beating the Dealers” platform are the brainchild and crusade of the martial arts champion Pete Dwan whose mission is to bring the truth about drugs to all children and to make sure no child misses out on this vital knowledge.

Join us as we discuss the various ways this simple but effective educational approach can be gotten to all children and how you as a parent, teacher or concerned citizen can help.

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