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Episode #8: Fighting the Tyranny of Drugs– Hosted by Steve Cook, who is a writer and also the editor of TLB UK. Steve’s guest this week is Drug Free Kids Campaign Founder, and Martial Arts Champion, the Urban Warrior Pete Dwan.

Pete gives further insight into the simplicity of the message behind Drug Free Kids and why it is nevertheless so powerful in its impact upon the lives of not just the children but parents and teachers as well.

The game is on to make a significant impact upon our culture and bring about positive change through education. It is a game in which anyone of good will can participate and from which everyone wins.

Steve also gives some input on the forthcoming Citizens Forum radio show and how this show will be his effort to support the Freedom & Unity Project. He explains how the Drug Free Kids Campaign contributes to the overall battle against tyranny. He also gives his take on why the Freedom & Unity Project is so vitally needed at this stage and how it will help us overcome and vanquish tyranny.

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Drug Free Kids may be heard at 9PM EST every Tuesday (you will receive a “No Results Found” message if you click on the show link prior to air time) at the Liberty Beacon Radio Network and can be heard in full anytime after show publish time (pre-recorded).

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