Erin Brockovich Urges People to Question the Value of Water Fluoridation

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Internationally renowned clean-water campaigner, Erin Brockovich, urged her Facebook followers to question water fluoridation’s value in recent posts while on a trip to Australia to discuss water contamination.

“Do your own reading,” she urged people, posting a link to research claiming that fluoride accumulates, in high levels, in the human pineal gland.

Brockovich became a world-wide celebrity when Julia Roberts played her in the 2000 film Erin Brockovich.  Since then, she has campaigned tirelessly for a range of issues, including water contamination, oil spills and compensation for women who claim to have been suffered side-effects caused by depo-provera birth-control injections.

Another article posted by Brockovich details “why the United States’ Environmental protection Agency (EPA) Headquarters’ Union of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation”.  It goes on to say how many of the members had thought fluoride’s only effects were beneficial, until recently.

The debate rages on the value of fluoride in the public water supply.  Activists like Brockovich say it is unfair and dangerous to deposit a heavy chemical like fluoride into the water and that parents should have the right to treat their (and their children’s) teeth with mediated doses of fluoride.  It should be administered specifically, if at all, and not put into the water.

Other scientists believe there is no dangerous side effects to fluoride, citing lack of evidence for the contrary.   New South Whales Health, for instance, said the “overwhelming weight of scientific evidence does not link water fluoridation at optimal levels to any short- or long-term health-related problems, or any environmental impacts”.

Brockovich remains vigilant.  In this clip from Dr. Oz, Erin and Oz discuss water fluoridation’s possible value and danger

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