Essene Teacher (E4): Remembering Dr Andrew Moulden

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Remembering Dr Andrew Moulden And The Healing Power Within Each Of Us


By TLB Contributor and Show Host: Richard Sacks

This week on The Essene Teacher Radio Show on The Liberty Beacon, we look again at the recent murders of holistic doctors and add to the list another great name, Andrew Moulden, M.D., Ph.D, ( a Canadian doctor who died earlier, in 2013.  Dr. Moulden has unfortunately remained largely unknown in his country and in America because of the violent suppression of his work by Canadian and international medical authorities.  Dr Moulden was a brain expert who discovered that all vaccines were producing mini-strokes in those who received them.  These mini-strokes in some people caused death, in some paralysis and in some, other symptoms of immune system destruction and brain impairment.

andrew_mouldenDr. Moulden’s expertise allowed him to identify facial characteristics that would prove the brain damage resulting from every vaccine without exception.  The damage was generally worse in children, as the relative amount of toxins being injected by weight of the subject was much greater, and because in very young human beings, the immune system is not developed and is less able to respond successfully to such deadly assault and blood poisoning.  Most of the damage Dr. Moulden traced to vaccines was brain damage, but he also identified damage being caused to other organs through the same mechanism of oxygen deprivation.

Andrew Moulden was a serious threat to the medical industry, which profits most on continuous suffering, because he could clearly show what vaccines were doing to children and others, and he was organizing a campaign to publicize this widely and sue the perpetrators, shutting down their business of death and using the legal winnings to help the victims.  This of course could not be tolerated, so Dr. Moulden was barred from making his discoveries public and made to sign a statement that he was mentally ill and his discoveries were delusional.  This agreement was made a condition of his continued work as a doctor.  Disillusioned and depressed, he receded from public view and died shortly thereafter.

The messages we get from understanding this drama and its outcome are the subject of today’s Essene Teacher podcast. We welcome your feedback, suggestions for show topics, questions and comments.  Use the contact form you will find at  We cover health topics in the broadest sense of the term, from specific health issues (no medical advice, just sharing of information) to world events that impact your health every day.


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richard_sacks 3Richard Sacks has been an independent holistic health scientist since 1965.  Much of his work has focused on the reversal of degenerative disease and “aging,” by natural means.  Now he teaches principles of natural health, is an internationally known radio host, and does a small number of one on one consulting sessions for those wanting to upgrade their health status on all levels, working with clients in areas of health and consciousness.  Visit Lost Arts Research Institute  for information, links to study group meetings, and more.

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