EU climate chief Timmermans to run in Dutch election – but why?

ER Editor:  Climate tsar, shaper of all those policies for the EU as well as being a Commissioner and a former vice-president of the EU, Frans Timmermans is now going to run for office in his home country, the Netherlands. Why, REALLY? No particular reason has been given.

See this we published yesterday —

Poland files legal complaints against “authoritarian” EU climate policies


Thanks to our Dutch colleague and contributor, Michel van der Kemp, for the link from Jas Nieuws below.

We already reported on the curious stepping down of Mark Rutte, as well as some others, equally curious, such as Sigrid Kaag, leader of the D66 party and WEF lackey. Van der Kemp speculates the following:

We published about the 3 Dutch PM’s leaving politics, Rutte, Hoekstra and Kaag. All 3 had fully embraced the WEF, and we also learned somewhere along the way that they signed secret contracts with the WEF. Secret because it was done outside of parliamentary oversight.But more and more of the minor political players that had embraced that particular agenda have announced in the past two weeks that they are leaving politics. Most of them seem to have been spokespersons on particular parts of the WEF agenda, like climate.I asked before – why are they leaving? Particularly when Rutte demolished his own cabinet and resigned when he was facing a parliamentary boot in his own backside.

To us it sounds more like Dutch politics as it currently stands is a sinking (or irrevocably changing) ship. Perhaps the EU structures are, too. Why on earth would Timmermans make such a move, to a very unstable national level in a country that is sick of, and damaged from, climate and immigration policies? And he has to win an election to do so. Van der Kemp sagely adds ‘It shows the almost impossible: Timmermans may be more hated than Sigrid Kaag, and that could be well the main point of everything.’ This article (browsers will translate) portrays Timmermans in the eyes of some as a spineless, vacuous lightweight who evokes revulsion in people. Is this a strategy to move him out of the picture completely?

The Netherlands really is Globalist Central and is worth keeping eyes on.

*** picked up this Timmermans story (MSM alert) – Frans Timmermans bids to return to Dutch politics

The news marks the potential departure of the architect and strongest advocate for Europe’s push to stamp out its greenhouse gas emissions and shift its economy away from fossil fuels.

Michael Bloss, a German Green MEP, said that Timmermans’ return to national politics means the Commission “loses its visionary mastermind of the Green Deal.”

He added: “The Green Deal’s accomplishments are historic. It has achieved a lot for a greener and fairer future. The Netherlands are lucky to have him back.”

Timmermans’ departure also comes at a pivotal moment for the Green Deal. The EU election is scheduled for next year and the bloc’s climate goals — as well as Timmermans personally — have been targeted by European conservatives who view its ambition as excessive.

“Timmermans has been a Green Deal political heavyweight,” said Thomas Pellerin-Carlin,  an energy expert and director at the Institute for Climate Economics. “With him gone, the question is who — if anyone — can fill those shoes at a time where the Commission still has many Green Deal files to push through the finish lines.”

Timmermans will face a similar clash between climate goals and conservatives and farmers worried about their impact on the economy and on agriculture when he returns to Dutch politics.

This all sounds to us like a sinking deep down into the ocean of the EU’s ridiculous, industry- and society-destroying climate plans.


EU climate chief Timmermans to run in Dutch election


AMSTERDAM/BRUSSELS, July 20 (Reuters) – EU climate chief Frans Timmermans on Thursday said he wants to become the next Dutch prime minister and will contest a parliamentary election in the Netherlands in November.

The four-party coalition government of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned earlier this month after failing to reach an agreement on restricting immigration, triggering a vote on Nov. 22.

EU Commission's Frans Timmermans visits China for climate talks
European Commission Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans speaks during a meeting with China’s Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China on July 4, 2023. Pedro PARDO/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo

Timmermans formally announced his candidacy to lead the ticket for Labour and Green Left parties, which are joining forces in a bid to stem a decline in support for left-leaning parties.

“This morning I told the Labour and Green Left parties that I would love to be a candidate to lead them in the next elections,” Timmermans said on national Dutch television.

“I want to become prime minister because I think we can do politics differently than in recent years, that we can create a more just society, in which the market serves the people and not the other way around.”

If the parties confirm Timmermans as their lead candidate, a decision not expected before late August, he would need to leave his EU post.

A European Commission spokesperson said Timmermans would not be required to immediately step down, since his candidacy “remains hypothetical” until the parties confirm him as their pick.

Timmermans, 62, serves as the European Commission’s vice president, and is in charge of the EU’s Green Deal – its wide-ranging package of policies on climate change and the environment.

He is also a well-known figure in the Netherlands, having served as foreign minister in 2012-2014 in Rutte’s previous cabinet.



A bad left wind threatens: Frans Timmermans PvdA/GroenLinks party leader

The candidacy of Frans Timmermans as the leader of the new PvdA/GroenLinks combination means that the European Commissioner – who failed to become Commission President in 2019 – will return to The Hague after almost ten years.

Candidacy of Timmermans bad news

The candidacy of the green radical Timmermans (62) means bad news for the Netherlands, which is increasingly burdened by the consequences of the political climate delusions, which are reflected in more bankruptcies, departing companies, unprecedentedly rising fuel prices, power shortages and  the as yet incalculable problem of the widespread advancement of wind turbines and solar panels.

Dictatorial milieu-agenda

Supported by his Brussels companion and right-hand man, former PvdA party leader Diederik Samson (but with whom he blundered together in the biomass dossier), Timmermans is trying to implement a dictatorial environmental agenda, the  Green Deal,  and to force it on member states, with direct disastrous effects for Dutch farmers, for example. An analysis by the Deutsche Bank showed that Timmermans could only carry out his plans with “dictatorial powers”.

Succeeded in Brussels by Sigrid Kaag?

Timmermans’ candidacy also sheds light on the resignation of GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver, who wants to take a high, but emphatically not first, place on the PvdA/GroenLinks list. Klaver will have realized that he is no match for political heavyweight Timmermans and by avoiding the battle he chooses eggs for his money in advance. De Volkskrant speculates that Sigrid Kaag, who is departing as D66 leader, could well become Timmerman’s successor in Brussels.

Place swap with Mark Rutte?

Eva Vlaardingerbroek thinks that Rutte’s announced departure from Dutch politics is also related to all this. She suspects that

“Mark Rutte and Frans Timmermans coordinated their moves before the cabinet fell. They will probably trade places in a certain way, with Mark Rutte now certainly going to work somewhere in one of the supranational organizations and Timmermans stepping out of EU politics to ‘save the Netherlands’.

Left savior

Vlaardingerbroek thinks that is why the new elections have been pushed back so far, all the way to November, while in an old democracy like Great Britain, as Rutte himself recently smirked, this should happen within a maximum of 28 days. However, the Netherlands would need a few months to get used to the new political faces and to let the media warm up to Frans Timmermans as a left-wing savior and future prime minister.

Fanatical immigrationist

Even worse, if possible: Timmermans is also a fanatical globalist and immigrationist. According to him,  “diversity is the destiny of humanity”  and in the European Parliament he said: “Europe will be diverse or it will not be” (ER: Which actually says nothing, logically speaking). He is a declared enemy of governments that protect their own culture from invading mass immigration, such as Poland and Viktor Orbán’s Hungary.

Voice cannon?

In other words, Timmermans’ return to Dutch politics does not bode well for the Dutch who would like to keep their country as much as possible as it is. On the other hand, it is also questionable whether Timmermans is really the big vote gun that the political establishment and the media consider him to be. Even though the good result in the European elections of 2019 (a doubling of the seats from three to six) was credited to him at the time, it remains to be seen to what extent this was really up to Timmermans and whether he can also achieve this at a national level.



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  1. @grrlrocks I consider my country stolen ever since the CIA murdered Pim Fortuyn in 2002, just a few days before the Dutch were to vote him in as PM. This was the Dutch JFK moment, and we were captured by whatever is holding the world in its grip.

  2. Well, Netherlanders… If he’s “elected”, then you know you’re in the same stolen boat much of the world is in. If he “wins”, your country has been stolen from you. And, that’s exactly the plan. Rutte had to go, in order for a heavier hitter to replace him – and push your country to ruination.

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