European Election Results: Populists Surge across Europe, Greens pick up votes

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Well, it seems the polls weren’t wrong about the populist parties taking more seats in the EU Parliament elections that have been happening over the last 4 days. We’re borrowing reporting from the Daily Express (MSM warning, anti-EU) and RT below.

In France, Marine Le Pen (23.31%) has officially beaten Macron‘s party by a whisker (22.41%) but the symbolism is huge – it’s an ‘event’, it’s ‘seismic’ as MSM are describing it. The centre right party collapsed (8.4% – this used to be headed by Nicholas Sarkozy); ditto for the centre left (3.27% – Francois Hollande’s party) although they went into serious decline some time ago. And our so-called Man of the People and figurehead of the far left, Jean-Luc Melenchon (pictured), who’s actually a major freemason, got trounced, too (6.6%). All the established parties and figures took it squarely on the chin.

The Greens came in 3rd (13.47%), surprisingly, but it would seem the Greens have become the default, non-right option in many European countries, benefitting from the trendy interest in the ‘environment’. Likely in France, they received votes from people who couldn’t face the prospect of Le Pen or Macron. Greens took almost 21% in Germany, while Merkel’s party lost 7% bringing her down to 28%.

Voter turnout in France was the highest it’s been in 25 years, at just over 50%. It was also relatively higher across the EU in general.

According to Le Monde, Salvini in Italy got 33.6%, Farage in the UK received 31.7%, and Orban in Hungary crushed the opposition with 56% (see featured image). Results are still somewhat provisional.

Let’s remind ourselves that people are getting desperately poor in Europe as a result of deliberate policies and centralised economic command from Brussels. On top of that, our governments want to let in whomever wants to come, into a welfare state that they know perfectly well can’t and won’t survive the pressures being put on it. Macron wants to privatise everything in sight, crush job security, tax ordinary people more for his failed policies dictated by the banking class, and when people protest, he brutally sets his own police (and foreign ones) against them without remorse, producing a litany of life-changing injuries and even some deaths. It’s clear that the judicial system is targeting the Gilets Jaunes; the media are just as much in Macron’s pocket as they ever were, as he calls for restrictions on social media outlets such as Facebook because it’s too ‘powerful’. It’s just a pity that Le Pen’s group didn’t do better.

But we can only say ‘watch this space’. People’s disgruntlement has been registered loud and clear, and the Gilets Jaunes will continue; everything is in flux.


European elections FULL RESULTS: Populists SURGE across Europe in challenge to Brussels

POPULISTS surged across Europe in EU Parliament elections that finished yesterday, with nationalist and environmentalist parties making dramatic gains in a huge challenge to the Brussels bloc.


European election results Brussels

European elections: Populist parties made dramatic gains across Europe (Image: GETTY)

With the Brexit Party making spectacular gains in the UK this will make the European parliament harder to control for the next EU Commissioner.

In France the National Rally, formerly Front National, pushed President Macron’s liberal party into second place.

Reacting to the news Ms Le Pen called for fresh National Assembly elections (ER: this is the French parliament).

She said President Macron “must assume the consequences since he put his personal credit in the balance by making this a referendum on his policies and his person.

European elections

European elections: Supporters of the far-right National Rally celebrate victory in France (Image: GETTY)

“He has no choice but to dissolve the National Assembly and chose a more democratic electoral system that would be more representative of opinion.”

Nationalists also won big in Italy, with Salvini’s Lega finishing first on 29 percent, comfortably ahead of the main centre-left party on 24 percent.

Mr Salvini’s party, which won just 6 percent in the 2014 European parliament elections, is currently the junior partner in Italy’s government, alongside the populist five-star movement.

Reacting to the news he commented: “It is not only Lega that is the first in Italy, Nigel Farage is first in Britain.

“It is the sign of a Europe that is changing, of a Europe tired of the powers of the elites and multinationals.”

In Sweden the far-right Swedish Democrats took 17 percent of the vote, an increase of 7 percent on their last European election performance.

European elections

European elections: Matteo Salvini’s Lega made big gains in Italy (Image: GETTY)

 Vox, a Spanish anti-immigration party which only recently became a significant electoral force, took seats in the European Parliament for the first time.

The populist parties which govern Poland and Hungary, which have been accused of authoritarian tendencies, topped the polls in their respective countries.

In Poland the Law and Justice party triumphed on 42 percent, ahead of a pro-EU faction on 39 percent, whilst Hungary’s ruling Fidesz seized 52 percent of the vote.

Fidesz, led by Victor Orban, were recently suspended from the centre-right European People’s Party in the European Parliament which accused it of promoting “anti-EU rhetoric” and threatening the rule of law.

Speaking after the result Mr Orban said his party would “cooperate with everyone who wants to stop immigration”.

Meanwhile Green parties also made dramatic gains across the continent, coming second in Germany ahead of the centre-left social democrats.

European elections

European elections: German Green supporters celebrate making big gains (Image: GETTY)

They also came second in Finland and shocked observers by getting the third most votes in France.

Ska Keller, the German deputy leader of the Green group in the European Parliament, welcomed the result on Twitter.



EU elections over: Exit polls show surge for right-wing & green parties amid high turnout

EU elections over: Exit polls show surge for right-wing & green parties amid high turnout
The three days of European Parliament elections have concluded across the EU. Exit polls show a surging rise of right-wing and Euroskeptic parties, and a heavy blow dealt to pro-EU centrists.

The pro-European bloc EPP and the Social-Democratic alliance S&D have lost their combined majority and are expected to shrink significantly – from 221 and 191 back in 2014 to 179 and 150, respectively. They remain the two largest voting blocs in the parliament, however.

The predicted rise of right-wing parties across the union has apparently come true. In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party looks set to obtain around 24 percent of votes, according to different exit polls, narrowly beating President Emmanuel Macron’s party, which is expected to score some 22 percent.

In Hungary, PM Viktor Orban’s party scored a solid win, receiving support of some 52 percent of the voters. His closest competitors, the leftist Democratic Coalition and centrist Momentum Movement got 16 and nearly 10 percent, respectively.

The German ruling coalition suffered significant losses, as the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and Social Democrats (SPD) scored around 28.7 and 15.6 percent, respectively. The country’s Greens, meanwhile, surged to second place with almost 21 percent of votes, doubling its result from the previous election. The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) came in fourth, scoring nearly 11 percent, almost 4 percent more than in 2014.

Austrian right-wingers have apparently been left unshaken by the political scandals that have caused the ruling coalition to collapse. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s (pictured) center-right People’s Party has shown its best-ever result in the EU polls and has gained 34.9 percent of votes.

“It is a barnstorming result. We have achieved the best result of all time, the biggest lead of all time over the second-placed party,” Kurz told his supporters,

Austria’s Social Democrats are in second place with some 23.4 percent, while the scandalized member of the now-defunct ruling coalition, the Freedom Party (FPO) is in third place with 17.2 percent.

In Poland, the ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party came first with 43.1 percent of the vote, according to the provisional tally.

Spain’s PM Pedro Sanchez’s Socialist Party has secured a solid win, getting over 32 percent of votes. The conservative Popular Party scored second with around 20 percent, while the recently formed right-wing Vox Party has received its first three representatives in the EU Parliament, with the support of some 6.2 percent.

Italy’s right-wing League party, led by deputy PM Matteo Salvini, has won the EU elections in his country, scoring 33.6 percent. The 5-Star movement, led by another deputy PM, Luigi Di Maio, took 16.6 percent and got overtaken by the center-left Democratic Party, which received some 23.5 percent of the votes.

The result is a massive gain for the League, which emerged with only 6.2 percent back in 2014 and some 17 percent last year, during the country’s general elections.

In Greece, however, the socialists lost their positions as the embattled ruling SYRIZA party garnered the support of some 24 percent of voters, while the main opposition party, right-wing New Democracy took a solid lead with 33 percent.

The turnout for the union-wide elections has become the largest in two decades, with an estimated 51 percent of voters showing up at the polling stations. It’s the greatest turnout since 1994, when over 56 percent of Europeans partook in the polls.


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