French President Emmanuel Macron, like his Western counterparts, does not miss an opportunity to attack the Russian private military enterprise Wagner, calling it a terrorist organization and accusing it of abuses in Mali, after his troops were driven from Mali, the Central African Republic (RCA) and Burkina Faso, in the wake of operations Serval, Barkhane, Task Force Takuba, Sangaris and Saber, knowing that Wagner’s presence in Libya has never been criticized.


What about EuroGendFor?

If the criticisms targeting the Wagner Group have taken on a broad dimension with the conflict in Ukraine and the end of the French military presence in Mali, RCA and Burkina Faso, the fact remains that officials have rarely addressed the aspect of the creation of a European private secret army whose function is to serve the objectives of the European Commission. This army is called EuroGendFor. It is located in Vicenza in Italy. This secret army or special intervention unit is made up of 3,000 men. Political, judicial, armed police and provided with secret services, its missions are carried out in close cooperation with the European armies in order to guarantee ‘security in European crisis territories’.

In other words, put an end to all popular revolts within the EU member states which join ‘EuroGendFor’. This paramilitary troop was founded without the slightest democratic legitimacy, in all opacity, and each State can call on the FGE to quell any crisis whatsoever.

The new European private paramilitary militia was set up in the greatest secrecy, the aim of which is not to alert the population under any pretext – The European citizen, moreover, does not know of its existence – suggesting that it is a police force in the country concerned – do you think the name was invented from the intellectual innovation of the French (Europe gendarmerie force) also called ‘Force European gendarmerie’ ( FGE ).

EuroGendFor is both police, judicial police, army and secret services

The skills of this unit are practically unlimited. It must, in close cooperation with the European military, guarantee ‘security in European crisis territories’.

More and more EU member states are joining EuroGendFor for the sole purpose of not having to use their own armies against the citizens of the country – in short, they wash their hands of the people.

What is behind Eurogendfor?

Command is located in Vincenza, Italy, far from the seat of the EU! This police force was created on the initiative of the former French Minister of Defense, Michèle Alliot-Marie, to more easily suppress the demonstrations which are still degenerating again in French cities in the future.

The big problem is this: Eurogendfor will in future reduce national law and national sovereignty of EU member states to the European level! A ‘War Council’, which is made up of the Ministries of Defense and Security of the EU countries participating in Eurogendfor and of the country concerned, will decide to intervene in an EU member state – this is how the new police troop of the EU is regulated ‘EU in ‘constituent document’ called Velsen Agreement ( NL ).

Bob Denard and Blackwater, neither faith nor law

In the past, Westerners have used private military groups to preserve their predation of the wealth of African and Asian countries. These groups include the French mercenary Bob Denard and the American private group Blackwater.

Bob Denard had at least participated for three decades in a series of ‘helping hands’ in Africa and the Middle East. He was one of the key players in coups d’état that overthrew progressive powers, to the benefit of puppet regimes serving the West.

For its part, the Blackwater company became famous during the American invasion of Iraq, where it had got hold of the American police, military and diplomatic administration. Clearly, in 2007, Blackwater ‘reigned’ over Iraq. There are more private contract workers, 180,000, and baptized ‘the most powerful army in the world’, describing precisely the privatization of military affairs after the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the jackpot won by Blackwater in 2006 which will obtain the contract to secure American civil servants and institutions in 27 countries.

On September 16, 2007, five American private guards, employed by Blackwater, opened fire in the center of Baghdad on unarmed civilians. There were 17 dead and 24 injured among Iraqi civilians. The guards claim that they were attacked, which all Iraqi witnesses deny. Blackwater management denied any fault, arguing that its agents involved in the Baghdad shooting felt threatened. But other incidents involving members of Blackwater will be discovered. All were ‘treated’ discreetly. The Nisour square massacre would nevertheless be a turning point in the war in Iraq, which saw the anti-American sentiment in Iraq flourish. But it is also the impunity enjoyed by Blackwater members that explains the reasons for the ‘failure of talks between Washington and Baghdad on the maintenance of a contingent of 3,000 American instructors to train Iraqi soldiers. Washington demanded total immunity for its soldiers, protecting them from any legal action in Iraq, which Baghdad refused.