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Former Swedish police officer turned refugee outreach worker Mustafa Panshiri should be designing a course for Swedish politicians, who clearly have a hard time accepting certain realities of the society they themselves have created.  And who believe the average Swedish citizen isn’t capable of handling facts and stats that should, they believe, reside exclusively in the hands of the authorities.

Watsons challengeAs many social media followers are probably aware right now, Chicago-based independent journalist Tim Pool accepted the challenge issued by Paul Joseph Watson to visit migrant populated areas of Sweden following Trump’s infamous statement on refugee problems in Sweden.  The rest of Pool’s videos are available on Facebook and Youtube. The video below in which he interviews Panshiri is one of the later videos Pool aired during his short stay and one of the best.

PanshiriMustafaSweden1Panshiri decided not long ago to quit as a cop, wanting instead to do outreach work with Afghan youth refugees given his own Afghan Muslim origins (pictured).  A very articulate man with excellent English skills, who has clearly integrated extremely well himself, he decided that classes along the lines of teaching cultural values and attitudes were sorely needed.  Sweden became quite swamped with migrants by 2015 and the authorities were too busy dealing with the practical issues of housing and such like to be able to offer more nuanced help.

Panshiri shows how to balance compassion and constructive help with a realistic appraisal of the facts.  Here is a small sampling of his points from this 20 minute video, which I highly recommend:

  • Afghan youth are impressed with concepts such as freedom of speech until they realize that their own cherished values can be equally doubted. Remember the outrage over Scandinavian cartoons deemed to blaspheme Allah.  Panshiri says we are right to feel concerned about this phenomenon without being called out for racism.  The same intolerance can of course be found among Swedes. Immigrants should be taught to confront what makes them uncomfortable.
  • Culture does matter.  Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places for women right now, and when we take in this type of refugee, they don’t just put their own culture conveniently to one side.
  • Immigrants are overrepresented in crime statistics, shown in a 2005 study.  But since then, no further reports or studies have been issued. Everyone is speculating.
  • A lot of the sexually-related crime is now happening around swimming pools and concert venues where groups of men surround women. This is a new phenomenon for Sweden.  Police have statistics on this, but politicians refuse to make this information known to the public.
  • This sort of crime is being perpetrated by a relatively small few according to the stats (123 reported cases out of a known total of 35,000 migrants) whereas the majority of his ‘students’ simply want to get on with their lives and integrate well and quickly.  They believe the few who commit these crimes should be deported.
  • The issue of migration has become too polarized. When politicians claim that everything is just fine despite the evidence, we shouldn’t be surprised when far right groups grow in popularity.

Panshiri is a role model for the patronizing, elitist political class who clearly distrust the people they represent.  As Pool observes, ‘honesty can get you really far’, that dishonesty creates mistrust.  Enjoy the video.



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