Extreme trauma from male circumcision causes damage to areas of brain


by: Ethan A. Huff

When it’s inflicted upon females, the civilized world calls it genital mutilation and child abuse. But for males, the medical procedure known as circumcision is still widely performed and accepted (at least in the U.S.), even though science shows that snipping a newborn child’s foreskin can cause permanent brain damage, particularly in the areas of the brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions.

A team of nurses approached Dr. Paul Tinari, PhD, of Kingston General Hospital in Ontario, Canada, to make him aware of something which they had been observing for quite some time. Many of the newborn baby boys circumcised at the hospital were exhibiting excruciating levels of pain so severe, the nurses reported, that the behavior of these children seemed to be changing in a tangible and possibly permanent way.

In order to verify these claims, Dr. Tinari suggested that the brains of circumcised boys be analyzed both before and after the procedure using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and/or Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning to look for changes. Using one of the nurse’s sons as a test subject — her husband was insistent upon circumcision, against her better judgment — the team evaluated the boy both before and after circumcision.

The child was initially kept inside the machine for several minutes to generate baseline data on his normal metabolic brain activity. This data was used to perform a comparative analysis after the circumcision procedure. Based on MRI data collected throughout the process, the research team noted “significant trauma” in conjunction with the foreskin removal process, with the most pronounced brain changes occurring in the limbic system, which includes the amygdala and frontal and temporal lobes.

After presenting these results to a neurologist, it was interpreted that the circumcision process had inflicted extreme trauma on the boy, so much so that his entire sense of reasoning, perception and emotions were thrown off kilter. And follow-up tests conducted one day, one week and one month after surgery revealed that these changes were permanent — the circumcised boy’s brain would likely never return to its normal baseline configuration.

Male circumcision is cruel, inhumane and medically unnecessary

These shocking results run sharply counter to what many conventional doctors in America today still embrace as routine medical practice — the idea that baby boys need to have their penises cut with a knife in order to be healthy and normal. Many medical professionals still cling, like mildew on a filthy shower curtain, to this outmoded and barbaric practice, much like they do to the vaccine myth that perpetuates lies like herd immunity and “your vaccinated children are threatened by unvaccinated children.”

Because it disrupts the status quo, Dr. Tinari’s study has yet to be published — not because it’s inaccurate, but because it doesn’t fit the official narrative of sound medicine. Even though virtually every other country on the planet has abandoned male circumcision as a cruel and inhumane practice, the U.S. is still on board with the sham (though an increasing number of parents are refusing circumcision for their baby boys).

“Our problems began when we attempted to publish our findings in the open medical literature,” stated Dr. Tinari, the current director of the Pacific Institute for Advanced Study. “I would encourage anyone with access to fMRI and /or PET scanning machines to repeat our research as described… confirm our results, and then publish the results in the open literature.”

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  1. Foreskin holds about 75% of penile sensitivity. It is densely populated with receptors and engages a large region of the brain. Its removal frees substantial brain potential and triggers a cortical reorganization that tends to reutilize that part of the brain, thereby significantly transforming how the mind functions. Circumcision eliminates a great part of sexual sensitivity causing an informational gap in perception of pleasure. As a result paedocircumcision causes a predisposition towards development of devoted idealization in adults. It favors piety, religiousness and urges the perfection of other compensatory faculties.

    Immerman and Mackey (1998) described circumcision as “low-grade neurological castration.” They argued that the resultant glans keratinisation and neurological atrophy of sexual brain circuitry (due to loss of sensory input to the brain’s pleasure centre) may serve as a social control mechanism which produces a male who is less sexually excitable and therefore more amenable to social conditioning.





  2. All my life I have seen people making excuses for, and using euphemisms for, cruelty and brutality. On just about every subject, there is a dark side, and so many folks manage fool themselves into thinking this is not only OK, but the only way to go. I don’t get it.

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