Facebook Blocks Users’ Say Over Privacy Rules

Facebook has once again made changes to its privacy policy, despite nearly 600,000 users voting to reject the proposed changes. The social network is now loosening privacy restrictions while making settings easier to navigate.

The Internet giant last week asked users to weigh in on some of its proposed policy changes, but in the end disregarded the input. Facebook last week sent an e-mail to users telling them they could vote on the changes, but would only consider the input if 300 million users, or 30 percent of all Facebook users, participated in the poll before Dec. 10.

With just five days to vote, about 600,000 casted votes in opposition to the changes, but Facebook went ahead and began unveiling them anyway on Wednesday. Less than 80,000 users voted in support of the proposed documents.

The Internet giant proudly announced that it is making privacy settings easier to navigate by placing a “shortcut” to access the settings in the top-right hand corner of the website and making these settings easier to navigate.

But while some settings may now be less confusing, users will also lose some of their privacy protections altogether. A user’s ability to hide from the site’s search will be “retired”, Facebook director of Privacy Shortcuts Sam Lessin told the New York Times.

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