Facebook Reverses Zero Hedge Ban, Says It Made A “Mistake”

Facebook Reverses Zero Hedge Ban, Says It Made A “Mistake”

Facebook Bans Zero Hedge

“The link you tried to visit goes against our community standards.”


Eric Weinstein @EricRWeinstein
I just tried posting @zerohedge‘s story about @facebook

banning the well known financially heterodox @zerohedge.

I figured that this was insane. Facebook bans Zerohedge?


Ladies and Gentleman, Zerohedge was correct: the posts are ‘spam’ according to Facebook.


Eric Weinstein @EricRWeinstein

Get ready for new & improved 2020 US elections. This time, you will be able to share more TrustedNews from AuthoritativeSources w/o having your user experience degraded by spam, conspiracy theories, or harmful thoughts.

If you miss heterodoxy, try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF0VGnmLExc  pic.twitter.com/Efp5IKQN2q

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Nigel Farage @Nigel_Farage

This is a total disgrace. #StopTheBias https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-11/facebook-bans-zero-hedge 

Ben Norton @BenjaminNorton

Facebook is censoring political content from alternative news websites. This megacorporation — which has a revolving door with the US government — has already banned and suspended other news sites and journalists.

This is a huge threat to civil liberties.https://www.businessinsider.com/zero-hedge-claims-censorship-after-facebook-banned-its-content-2019-3 

Zero Hedge, the bearish, anti-establishment financial site, says Facebook banned its content

Zero Hedge is a favorite on Wall Street, known for its anti-establishment, bearish slant on finance. The website says Facebook censored its content.


Marc Cohodes @AlderLaneeggs

This is the Best news and publicity @zerohedge can get… Well done, proud to know you guys.. Grind even harder its working. Facebook is so 1973 ish

Dave Collum @DavidBCollum

Facebook has blocked @zerohedge. I went and checked. It is true. Facebook is a bunch of Orwellian-Nazi types. I would get off that platform ASAP. Zuckerberg: You can rot in hell. They are saving a place for you.https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-11/facebook-bans-zero-hedge 

Nancy Mace @NancyMace

Wait… what?! If there was ANY doubt, THIS is ridiculous. #Facebook bans @zerohedge Cue #Orwell “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear…” https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-11/facebook-bans-zero-hedge  #zerohedge

To them, and to everyone else who reached out – either to us or to Facebook, or “said something” in private or on the Interweb – our sincerest gratitude.

And then on Tuesday morning, everything had suddenly returned to normal, and whether due to the unexpectedly widespread support we received, or because Facebook had made a sincere error, the ban was reversed.

While Facebook has yet to contact us directly, they did comment with a Facebook spokesman saying that “This was a mistake with our automation to detect spam and we worked to fix it yesterday.” He added that “we use a combination of human review and automation to enforce our policies around spam and in this case, our automation incorrectly blocked this link. As soon as we identified the issue, we worked quickly to fix it.

We still have no insight into which article(s) Facebook decided was sufficiently “spammy” to block everyone’s access to our content, or on what basis Facebook’s “automation and human review” had made the decision to quarantine our small website from the rest of Facebook’s 2.3 billion monthly users.

But we are heartened by this development, not so much because it means a rebound in our traffic – as we observed yesterday, we are lucky in that Facebook represents a tiny source of our inbound referral traffic – but because it means nothing changes: we can and will continue as before, with zero adjustments to our writing style, and we will certainly continue with our highly critical coverage of all things Facebook. And best of all: it will be read on Facebook, allowing users of the world’s biggest media company to escape an informational echo chamber, and be presented with contrasting opinions, which even if wrong, will allow countless readers to make more informed opinions than if served with preapproved, uniform, and ideologically palatable content.

And since some may read this as a quasi-official press release, we leave the “about us” part to the money-losing media venture of billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s business empire (funded since day one by the procyclical $25,000/year Bloomberg terminal business), which yesterday described our little adventure as follows: “Since being founded in the depths of the financial crisis, Zero Hedge has built a dedicated following by serving up a mix of hardcore financial analysis and populist political commentary. Both the ‘Tyler Durden’ name and the site’s tagline — “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero” — are borrowed from the anarchic cult classic ’Fight Club.’


(TLB) published this article from ZeroHedge as compiled and commented on by Tyler Durden.

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