Facets: Neither You Or America Comes With A Guarantee

Neither You Or America Comes With A Guarantee

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

You, and us…

If we want to be healthy, we must find the balance of mind and body… but there are no guarantees.

If we want to be strong or smart, we must get up and make it so. With a bit of luck, the effort will hopefully be proportionate to the outcome we have dreamed, and the plans we have made… but there are no guarantees.

If we want control of life, we must first take responsibility for it.  It is us who must take control of our destiny, and yet… as accidents happen, there are no guarantees.

If we want a positive result, we must find it with a positive attitude. We are what we think long before it becomes reality, even when we act the part… Knowing the difference between right and wrong, and good and bad is different in every situation, and it is possible we will fail by our own hand, no matter how hard we try… because there are no guarantees.

It is said we should never settle, to keep trying and never give up, no matter what. It is said that eventually everything we dream will manifest itself in our lives…  It is said that we must have unwavering resolve… to continue to focus on the visualization we hold as a goal, and that the constant attempts will finally determine the result…

But the reality is this, hinged on what is inside and outside of our realm of influence, and so very hard to admit: There is the amazing possibility our plan is flawed; that we indeed do not have what it takes… because no matter how hard we may try, there are no guarantees.

When we are old and rocking on our porch, will we look back over our lives saying “I wish I would have, wish I could have.” or, will we say: “I gave it my best shot, in spite of it all.” Knowing this, embracing this, will give us true solace and peace of mind. The world, and what we take of it is ours only for a short time, and we are so lucky to have made it this far… but old and seasoned people know full-well it came with no guarantee.

Whatever our heart’s desire, from nimble dancer to power lifter, chances are our vision will become reality with a bit luck and hard work, if we want it hard enough. But…


Our precious America…

If we want this country healthy, we must find the balance of its mind and body. History based on truth is a good start, and so is a righteous heart… but there are no guarantees.

If we want our country strong, get up and make it so. Stand with others of like mind and we will find the effort might be proportionate to the outcome… but there are no guarantees.

If we want control of our government, we must become responsible for it. Go forth with a banner of free choice and Liberty from tyranny, driven by a righteous cause… but there are no guarantees.

If we want a positive result in America, we must first envision the goal. Education and volition will help us find what was lost, and we might attempt with unity to regain it… It seems that we only realize what we truly have when it is lost… We can hold fast and push to take it back, while learning that the maintenance of America is easier than revolution, no matter how justified… comes with no guarantee.

When you are old and rocking on you porch, will you look back over our land of America and say “We maintained.” with peace of mind, or if lost, will will we be allowed to say anything at all? Our framers told us more than once that Liberty, once lost, will not be returned without bloodshed… Because you see both Liberty and truth… comes with no guarantee.

America once promised our heart’s desire, based on a Democratic Republic of Constitutional Law, and Civil Liberties given to us by God. If this is taken from us by default, or given away by a lethargic. uneducated and uninspired populous, what those words now mean are but an illusion… Pounding your fist, gnashing your teeth, marching in mass, or writing essays, all have good intentions… But of course…

Authors note: Yesterday I was buying a pair of shoes at a large department store, and the girl checking me out asked for my email address. You can receive “…promotional information and sales events…” She said with the wide eyes of certainty. “There will be a link there so you can give me a good report!” 

It was indeed a trick, implemented by an innocent young girl working for a very savvy corporation who knows how to play up to our emotions, both hers and mine. I saw that I had hurt her feeling as I said no, and I knew that no matter how I might try to explain it to her, she would not understand my reasoning. It is indeed a powerful game, and it influences us at every turn… It is a revelation to consider that our young people are not taught this concept, enslaving us. Indeed what is Liberty and freedom means to someone who has never experienced it, or even considered what is lost without them? How can we know what we are missing if we never grasped it?. 

When I got back home I decided to look at EBay, to see if I had won… and there, on the side bar, was the exact pair of shoes I had bought from that young girl… 

Yes, I have been fighting for Liberty for over ten years, but it grows more evident every day, that there are no guarantees.

I see hope in President Trump. He has done more to wake up America then anything I have ever witnessed in my life, including my hero Dr. Ron Paul…



Ken LaRive – FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …

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