Facets: The Corbett Report Reveals the Software That Made 9-11 Possible

Editors Note: To fully understand the motivation for this title and the tyranny it represents, we encourage you to first watch the following video in total … We feel it will be time well invested.

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

Forget for a moment what you think you know about the atrocities of 9-11.  The questions we have asked ourselves seem unanswerable in the unimagined horror of that day. What was 9-11 about? Who stood to gain from it? Was it an orchestrated terrorist attack by Arabs from the caves of Afghanistan, or the false flag salvo motivating a lucrative new war?  Who in this world would have the power to pull this off? Who could formulate this complicated and intricate attack on American soil, and be controlling enough to get away with it for almost fifteen years? These questions are complex, and beg complex answers, and the inability to get any form of consolation seems impossible from a government who hides the truth for “national security.”

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And  though we pound on the door to see the redacted 28 pages of the 9-11 Commission report, we have grown so guarded, so suspicious, that what is written there might be just more bogus mendacity.

What have we become?  Cowering Slaves?  Mindless Sheep? Children of an abusive and tyrannical Big Brother waiting for a crumb or the continued scourge of lost Liberty?  What is happening behind the scenes as we argue about transgenders using a public restroom, or strike our fists to the threats of gun confiscation that never ends?

Even after more than a decade, these questions have not gone away, but intensified.  More and more people are seeing the vital importance of answering them, as heroic researchers illuminate the cover-up and lies.

It seems, in retrospect, impossible that human beings could have the IQ to manufacture such a convoluted and elaborate orchestration, and you are right. It was no human mind, but and extension of a mindset, an amazing computer software that found a home in a super computer.  Yes, it is a sobering truth. We are being played, our world manipulated, by the logarithms of a simple code of on and off.

Unrelenting, independent  investigations of that fateful day have stripped away the emotional rhetoric that has blinded us from truth, and the fear inducing imagery lost to this very day in countless veils of deceit, must be pushed aside. Indeed, 9-11 was a crime, and the greatest unsolved mystery in the history of humankind, and yet, I tell you now, it will be solved.  Years, possibly months from now, justice will be served, as one truth will cascade with another, because with time, truth has no place to go but to the light of day.

The truth of the matter will come to bear when the one overriding imperative question all investigative detectives must answer.  Who gained from it? Indeed, follow the money to the very source, the put options just days prior to 9-11.  The men, the insiders, who bet that United and American Airline’s stocks would fall…  the men who celebrated, collectively making billions.  He will show that the Pentagon cannot account for over eight trillion… money created out of nothing, put on the back of our future, and untraceable… our Country has been bitterly betrayed.

In this video, master investigator, James Corbett, has stitched together facets of truth that show implicitly… the clearest picture of 9-11 so far. From the barrage of cover-ups in the banking and financial sector, to the unexplained stand-down of our military on that horrendous day.  Corbett shows the myriad of domestic and international players that had conspired for years before the attack, and the amazing discovery of the software package created not only to coordinate that nightmare, but to cover its own tracks to this very day.

Take the time to view this amazing work. You will not look at your world the same, ever again. You will question the reality you have been promoted to believe, as the beast has reached into our very minds.  God help us all.




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  1. Corbett you spew out a lot of BS. We all know this was done by hijackers with box cutters. They were hiding in caves while we were going to Disney and buying things. George Bush is my hero. He knows how to read nursery books upside down while murdering innocent people.

    Now that’s what i call multi tasking talent. You can go back to your television broadcast now and listen to Megan Kelly. She is a real reporter. Not like these conspiracy websites. Dammit I ran out of Meds. Chemtrail me now please.

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