Facets: Will Risk Guts, & Laissez-Faire Capitalism. The Dangers of Progressive Socialism?

Will Risk Guts, & Laissez-Faire Capitalism. The Dangers of Progressive Socialism?

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive


Gone …

The markets are still flat, even since the housing bubble of 2007, say the pessimists, and the optimists’ say run like there is no tomorrow…

Seems like the market is holding its breath, waiting for some spark to happen.  Will the right person elected be that spark? Though very misunderstood, the United States of America is indeed a Corporation; shouldn’t it be run like one? And who should sit at the reins of the largest Corporation ever to exist on the planet but a successful entrepreneur? What an amazing opportunity, to finally have a leader doing what is right for America, with the guts and savvy to make it happen? To make America great again.

The world is changing, and challenges are presenting itself that no imagination can foresee.  What vision, and hindsight, must a true leader have? What kind of person… what ability will be needed in a future global market?

The following was sent to me by my CPA a few days ago. Might be interesting to see the vortex swirling on the surface of our world economy.

“The first quarter of 2016 was mixed for equity markets with U.S. equities slightly positive and foreign markets finishing slightly negative. The year started off with a sharp decline across all equity asset classes and ended with a strong rebound in March. Fear of recession seemed to take hold with anxiety fueled by the slowing U.S. economic growth, the continued collapse in oil prices, and the slowdown in China. As oil prices began to rebound late in the quarter, equities followed suit. Continued improvements in the U.S. labor market and stability in Chinese markets also assisted in pushing markets higher.

Equity markets continued to tick up slightly in April and May. U.S. equities have added to their gains putting them at a low single digit returns for the year while foreign equities have trimmed their losses to less than 1%. Oil prices have continued to trend higher and the strengthening U.S. labor market has propped up U.S. consumer spending. While these forces are nudging equity values higher, weaker corporate earnings releases and Fed policy uncertainty are acting as counter weights. These opposing forces will likely cause equities to move sideways until we see stronger U.S. corporate earnings.”

Note: A letter like this sits in my mailbox with a justification for gain and loss every quarter, and comparing them is interesting indeed. It is amazing how manipulated, and fragile is our economic world, and how quickly it can change. Oil Prices are flat this month, and so much of the market hinged on those numbers… it is frightful. Those of us old enough remember well when Russia defaulted in the middle eighties, for the very same reason happening today, flooding the market with cheep oil.  Iran wasn’t in the picture back then, and China had a lot less bite. We also had less than 6 trillion in debt… Oh, can’t happen to us at 19.3 trillion in debt today, actually doubling since Obama took office? An international bank, who manufactures war, and finances both sides… then, after the dust settles, sends in their carpet baggers to buy up everything for pennies on the dollar? These people care about our economy? Have we lost our collective minds? We need a trusting arbitrator who has stood the test of time, one who has our best interest at heart.

Everyone in the business knows that oil prices will have to stabilize for at least six months before investment returns to the oil patch… Our entire economy is affected, and Saudi’s OPEC is still flooding the market, virtually destroying our economic infrastructure on many fronts. Companies are shutting the doors here in Lafayette, and everywhere in the U.S. that supplies oil and gas, and unemployment is rising exponentially…

What kind of chess game sacrifices their own men to take another, unless it is a third party calling the shots? How can we as a nation allow another so much power, affecting our very existence, and kiss their ring in supplication for the privilege to destroy us? Why does America allow money to be printed out of thin air and spent without a record of transaction? What power do they have over us?  Why are we crushed under taxes, and our competition gets a free ride on the backs of our children’s future? How can the Pentagon be caught with billions unaccounted for, and no one gets in trouble? How can where be 28 pages redacted from the 9-11 Commission Report, that could tell us who did it, and we are not allowed to see it. Why are we not allowed to audit the Federal Reserve, and know what is in Fort Knox? No audit on Fort Knox in over fifty years? Doesn’t that money belong to the treasury of our United States. that is owned by we the people as heritage, our future?  Is our dealings with these usurpers and regulators in the best interest of America, or is something bigger going on, under the covers? What has happened to our minds that would make us so lethargic, so myopic and self serving, that we would allow the bondage of debt slavery to grip us by the throat?

Yes, wouldn’t it be nice to have a President who put what was good for America first? Someone who is not bought and paid for, and knows the convoluted intricacies and games the market plays, bending the entire world to their whim? Why do we allow duel citizenship in our government? Why have we voted in those who are already bought and paid for by big brother corporate lobbyists?

Sounds so great to say that Washington is accountable to we the people, and that our Constitution gives us that power. Does that seem evident to you?

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