Facing the Dragon

Facing the Dragon

The Feathered Serpent is the same symbol as the Dragon—it represents the harmonization of the lower nature (the Serpent) with the higher nature (the Bird). You might even say that God is hidden within our genes, but until we raise our frequency, we cannot experience God. Every man and woman is our genetice brother and sister and no single individual, family, tribe or nation is an island. We are all one genetic tribe moving thru a huge and transformative period in history, the end result of which will be the realization of our Unity.” Gene Keys, Richard Rudd.

“By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

The Dragon within each of us represents Primordial Space, aka, Chaos. It is coded within that 90% of “junk DNA”. Currently modern scientists do not have a clue as to the purpose of this “junk DNA.” In order for any human being to progress on the Path to Enlightenment, he/she must enter into this primordial space. “In order to evolve, a human being must embrace Chaos rather than to try to protect against it.” Rudd, supra. It is precisely the unwillingness to face the Dragon that has kept humans in the Light of Darkness. The Christos stated, “If the light that be in thee, be darkness, how great is that darkness.” Human consciousness is this very “Light of Darkness.” Facing the Dragon is a transformative moment in our existence. Within this Primordial Space, is our true history, with no delusions or self deceptions, no Ego Consciousness to justify or rationalize our actions. It is the space of Direct Perception, wherein we see ourselves as we truly are, both of the Light and of the Dark. Only in unifying the Light and the Dark can we reach a level of authenticity.

This unwillingness to Face our Dragon is based on the Fear of what we might actually see, which is our True Selves. We are at once both Resplendent and Hideous. However, the Ego Consciousness only wants to see itself in the Light of Darkness, as good and benevolent, so the Ego Consciousness creates thousands of Masks for itself. That which we deny, persists. The more we hide and run from something, the faster it chases us. It is this self-deception that keeps us in the Great Reptilian Darkness, forever in a struggle for survival. The Human Ego Consciousness fears the dissolution of the body, which the Ego wants to be permanent. Every human harbors the secret belief, whether admitted openly or not, that they will be the one person that never dies.

We are more than that. In our true state, we are Beings of Light, a resplendent Light that blinds all ignorance and illusion, the great Maha Maya. It is this Maha Maya that creates the illusion of separation from god and the Cosmos and that is our greatest fear, that we are alone in the vast sea of Creation.

We have never been separate from Prime Creator and the Great Divine Shekinah has always held us in her Bosom. We have always been protected. From the Great Beginning to the Great Involution, the Return Home, we have always been Loved and protected. Love is the great Bond that keeps Creation together as One, All is One, One is All. Love is the Light of Creation.

Western Civilization claims to have brought itself out of the Dark Ages into the Age of Enlightenment. Ah yes, the Age of Enlightenment. Finally, humanity stopped all wars, and all conflicts, conquered violence and hatred, women are respected all over the world, we protect our children and our elderly, misogyny is a thing of the past, there is no more hunger, or famine, or inequality, humanity’s suffering is over, there is justice all over the world, a true Paradise. Say what?

This dimension is a dimension of duality, of polarities, the Ying and the Yang. Both polarities hold an equal station within the Singularity. But Western Civilization has become so imbalanced that it now esteems itself that it has raised itself out of the Dark Ages to finally enter the Age of Enlightenment.  However, this is a self-proclamation. This self-proclamation has actually imbalanced the “Western psyche” and the “American psyche” even more so than during the Dark Ages. Welcome to the Age of Arrogance in America.

So let us examine this idea. Man warred during the Dark Ages. Man wars during the Age of Enlightenment. There was hunger and famine during the Dark Ages. There is hunger and famine during the Age of Enlightenment. Misogyny existed during the Dark Ages. Misogyny exists now during the Age of Enlightenment. There was injustice during the Dark Ages. World-wide injustice is rampant now in the Age of Enlightenment. There was inequality during the Dark ages, there is inequality now in the Age of Enlightenment. What has increased exponentially in modern society is the Pseudo-Intellectualism that uses Justification and Rationalization as its primary weapon for its shortcomings.

Here is the Great Satanic Deception, the so called Age of Enlightenment is the Dark Ages with a “face lift, a complete makeover”. Satan’s greatest of deceits is to have man believe that Man is good and moral. In fact, the greatest myth created by Satan is that “Man is God’s highest creation.” Think about that, in a Universe where there are so many stars, suns and planets that we cannot even count them, Man is the Peak of Creation. In our Galaxy alone, the Milky Way, there is an estimated 200+ billion stars with their supporting planets. Oh, you poor Devil.

Then there is the Multi-verse, and the Multi-Dimensions of Existence. Man has been stuck in the “non-sentient animal cycle” for aeons. Man perceives the world thru the most primitive of the Triune Brains, the Reptilian Brain. MacLean, Triune Brain. This is the Great Reptilian Darkness. Human nature did not change with the proclamation by someone that now humanity is in the Age of Enlightenment. Human nature did not evolve into any higher consciousness during the last 1,000 years. The Human Brain is an ancient analog decoding mechanism that is in dire need of upgrading. It is akin to the first computer of the 1950s. This ancient decoding mechanism, the Human Brain, is analog, not digital. Additionally, all of our five senses serve as prisons and keep us in the world of Maya, Illusion. Our senses amount to keyholes of perception, not senses of Truth. Only the Heart Brain can actually sense and intuit Truth.

The Western psyche and the American psyche are the most imbalanced because they embrace one extreme or the other. Western Civilization is psychotically imbalanced. Western Civilization is an either/or civilization. Remember the proclamation by Bush, “You are either with us or against us.” It is an “all or nothing civilization. Western Civilization is totally polarized, with no room for middle ground. You are either a winner or a loser. Here is a clue. At the moment that someone made the self-proclamation that Western Civilization entered the Age of Enlightenment, what in reality changed? The American steeple are enamored with their own self-proclamations of Land of the Free, Land of Equality, and the Home of the Brave. And we have the Statue of Liberty to prove it. However, it is human nature for humans to fall in love with their own opinions of themselves. Ahh, yes, Welcome to Amerika, my brown little friend, “Your papers please.”

All self-proclamations involve self-deception. All men trumpet their glories and vanities. Thus all nations, all governments, and all cultures trumpet their glories and vanities. Western Civilization demonizes all other cultures in order to go to War and Plunder. Western Civilization has been imbued with myths and fables of the “Hero” slaying the “Dragon”. The Hero always represents the Light and the Dragon represents the Darkness. So finally, the Light has conquered the Darkness. There is not a single Western myth or fable wherein the Hero makes friends with the Dragon. It is always a mentality of war, kill, conquer, destroy, with not an iota of inquisitiveness of who this “enemy” is. There is a maxim that states, “We have met the Enemy, and he is us.” Or, “We are our own worst enemy.” However, ancient cultures always stated, “Know thine enemy.” The Delphic Oracle stated, “Know thyself.”

Has anyone bothered to ask this critical question, “Why are we our own worst enemy.” What do we know intuitively that makes us feel this is the case? What is the Western Psyche missing in its self-knowledge that creates the need to destroy one half of itself?  Do Humans loath and hate themselves internally? Do Humans have an internal hatred for one another? What is more common in the world, Love and Compassion or Fear and hatred? Again, the Light and the Dark hold an equal station within the Singularity. Failure to acknowledge both polarities as equals within ourselves has resulted in a Matrix of Insanity in the Western Psyche. America is a nation of extremes. America is a nation gone mad. The American motto is this, “Be First, be the Best or Cheat.” Americans live in a world of self created elaborate Facades that serve to deceive themselves. Ah yes, America, the Land of Sublime Perfection, Love it or Leave, prick. The main problem for this Land of Sublime Perfection is that has nowhere to go but DOWN!!!

When a human being or a nation or a culture enters into the Grand Hall of Narcissism and Self-Perfection, there is no room for self-analysis, self-criticism, or self-improvement simply because of the extremeness of the position and the self-delusion that “perfection” has been reached by the self-proclaimant. Here is the self-proclamation that keeps Americans squarely ensconced in the Matrix of Insanity, “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. (ASSHOLE). Ahhh, to have reached such a sublime perfection. Fuck the rest of the World.  In such an extreme self-view, there is simply no room for improvement. Therein lies the seed of self-destruction.

America the beautiful, America the Great, American the Great Harlot!!! Ooops, did I say too much for your Ego? Here is another one of my favs, “America, Love it or Leave it.” As if self-analysis and self-criticism are a heinous crime. Historically, in all empires in decay, Truth is never welcome. Narcissism allows no truth, only self worship. As long as Western Civilization and specifically, Americans, fail to recognize and acknowledge the Dragon, the Dark aspect of our own psyche, they will continue to live in a Matrix of Self-Deception.

As long as Western Civilization continues to neglect and deny the Dragon, the Dragon will continue to grow and express itself in Wars, conflicts, Plunder and a myriad of other Chaos. The Dragon is a Sentient Being in his own right, and demands recognition and acknowledgment. It demands Respect.  And it will get it, or it will demand his pound of flesh in the form of War, Violence and Chaos. This Ancient Dragon is the greatest part of our total Consciousness. Encoded in DNA of our Dragon, we have the entire history of Creation, starting with the Big Bang.

It seems to me that in this 3rd Dimension, what we call consciousness is in reality a Great Reptilian Darkness, but like the man in the dark cave, the Darkness has become the Light of Darkness and man has adjusted to the Darkness while calling it the Light. So we live in Dream Matrix of Darkness all together without one of us actually realizing what the Light of Creation really is. For indeed, if Darkness is all we have, that is our Light. What we fail to understand is that all of humanity is caught in this Dream Matrix of Darkness. We are all under the same Satanic Deception of DARKNESS. The Christos warned us, “If the Light that be in thee, be darkness, how great is that Darkness.”

Western Civilization has utterly dis-respected the Dragon. And he is pissed!! Western Civilization loves to demonize other cultures and to de-humanize them in order to go to War. It is a frenzy of “finger pointing.” Western Culture projects its own Dark Psyche onto the world and then self-proclaims itself “perfect.” Every single human being is capable of engaging the Dark Energy of the Dragon when necessary. The Dragon is an integral part of the human psyche, albeit, unacknowledged. When humanity recognizes and acknowledges both the Light and the Dark, and then integrates both into it’s own consciousness, then will humans understand their authentic role as Sentient Beings of the Totality of Creation, and raise themselves from the Great Reptilian Darkness where they have resided for perhaps, millions of years.

We will stop calling other Sentient Beings “aliens” and understand that they are our “brothers and sisters” in the Web of Creation that is so vast that we cannot even imagine it, and we are in fact all One Singularity having different vibratory experiences we call “life” as a necessary experience toward the return home to Godhead.

“Every man and woman is our genetic brother and sister and no single individual, family, tribe or nation is an island. We are all one genetic tribe moving thru a huge and transformative period in history, the end result of which will be the realization of our Unity.” Gene Keys, Richard Rudd.

Only by integrating the Light and the Dark will Western Civilization reach of point of Sublimity, of the  Singularity. We must make the Dragon our ally and sit and dine with Him. We must pay our respect to Him. We must acknowledge Him. He will then reveal to ourselves, Ourselves. He will become our greatest Ally. Fear not your Dragon, for he is the deepest part of your Being.

My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness,

Live Well, have courage and compassion.


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