Fake News Left and Right in Bolivia’s Political Crisis

ER Editor: See part 1 of Narco-Socialist Cartel: Morales, the Pope and the Chaos in Bolivia.


Fake News Left and Right in Bolivia’s Political Crisis

Part Two: Narco-Socialist Cartel: Morales, the Pope and the Chaos in Bolivia

Fake news left and right

Since the post-election coup or regime change on 11 November in Bolivia, there are a few claims which have been circulating widely in social media and which are being relayed uncritically by certain commentators. For example, it is claimed that the interim president Jeanine Áñez said that indigenous cultures were Satanic.


It has been claimed by Morales supporters that Áñez wrote the above tweet in which she said, ” I dream of a Bolivia free from indigenous, Satanic rituals. The city is no place for Indians. They should go back to the Chaco plains.” Various media have claimed, and the interim president herself has said, it is fake news. I haven’t seen any proof of the contrary, yet pro-Morales activists continue to perpetuate the unsubstantiated story.

The tweet went a long way in fomenting violence against the interim “racist” regime. If it was fake, could that have been its purpose?

It has been reported that the CIA created thousands of fake twitter anti-Morales accounts before the coup. If they were aware of Morales’ plans to go into exile to Mexico in order to escape criminal prosecution for drug trafficking, they might have planted the tweet to destabilise the country.

After all, part of the CIA’s imperial strategy in many countries is to openly support one side, while covertly supporting its opposition. The fake alternative media made much of the racist tweet. Controlled opposition to the coup would be an important asset for a low-intensity civil war where no one but the oligarchy wins.

However, the leftists and feminists ignored another egregiously misogynistic tweet by MAS deputy Raul Sanchez Barrales, which had a pornographic photoshopped image of President Áñez.

It should be pointed out here that Áñez is the interim president. Her job is to organise elections. As she was next in the line of authority, she had no choice but to take over once Morales resigned.

One might say, however, that what goes around comes around. Jeanine Áñez has apparently also been a purveyor of fake news regarding the Left in Latin America. She posted a tweet of a photo-shopped image of Uruguayan President José Mujica a few months ago shopping with a Chanel bag in New York. The image was photo-shopped.


But the fake news doesn’t stop there. Former president of the senate Adriana Salvatierra claims she was violently prevented from entering the Senate building by police. She showed her ripped blouse as proof. However, a video online appears to show that the blouse was torn before she approached the police. As she had resigned as president of the senate, she had no right to enter the government building. The actions of the police were perfectly in accordance with the law. And since when did the police of a socialist state all turn into fascist thugs overnight? Leftist media are speaking about the Bolivian police as if it was a foreign occupation force.


Telesur published a video which showed an altercation with the police, but the policeman in the video is clearly defending himself and not attacking anyone. The video does not show what the journalists say it does. All of this fake news has been swallowed uncritically by left-wing media outlets who should know better.

Salvatierra has also posted excerpts from an interview with right-wing politician Arturo Murillo which completely deform what he said about women in order to portray his opposition to abortion as misogyny.

Right-wing social media activists, on the other hand, are sharing a photo of President Morales with drug lords Pablo Escobar and El Chapo. The photo is fake.


A photo posted online shows journalists staging police violence against protesters. It is unclear which TV station the journalists are working for. Many social media activists have said they are Argentinian. Again, the photo strongly suggests the journalists are staging police oppression.


There have been violent clashes between cocaleros and the Bolivian police and military. Several cocaleros have been killed. Pro-Morales commentators say they were peaceful protesters massacred by the “fascist” police. However, there are many videos online which show cocaleros armed and calling for civil war.

Pro-Morales protesters in the El Alto region have been marching with batons and arms under the slogan ‘Ahora Sí, Guerra civil’ (Now, yes, civil war!).

One social media activist published proof of this below.

Many social activists and anti-Morales protesters claim that Venezuela and Mexico are attempting to foment civil war in Bolivia. There are also suspicions that the influential leftist Sao Paulo Forum may be involved.

Left-wing media are trying to make us believe that the Western media support the interim government’s version of events. Let’s have a look at the headlines of the establishment press since the interim regime took over.

Le Monde says Bolivie : le président Morales dénonce un coup d’Etat ‘en cours’. The Guardian says Many wanted Morales out. But what happened in Bolivia was a military coup – same headlines in Libération, Le Monde Diplomatique and Democracy Now!

Even Britain’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has publicly backed Morales. So these notoriously mendacious media outlets who use left-wing cover to support and cover up the most egregious war crimes and imperialist agendas are no longer mainstream media liars but truth-seeking anti-imperialists? I think not.

A considerable portion of the international mainstream “leftist” media supports Morales. To be sure, there is more support for the interim government in the United States but that is simply because they are probably, to a large extent, US puppets. The media outlets who matter most, the “radical leftists” who wage humanitarian wars, promote the breakup of family, abortion, euthanasia, drugs and ecological fanaticism, are more in favour of Morales. In fact, there is a remarkable balance between pro- and anti-Morales in the mainstream media.

Senkata Fake Massacre

The “left-wing” of the Western imperialist media are spreading the idea that there was a massacre at the Senkata gas plant in Bolivia, where several protesters were killed. What they don’t tell you is that many of the protesters were armed with grenades and dynamite, that they stormed the plant and the security forces had no choice but to open fire.

Even top officials of the Masista party have admitted the protesters were armed. When asked about the attack on the gas station on Unitel TV, interim President of the MAS party Eva Copa said she condemned the violence of all forms. She did not try to claim it was a massacre as she was clever enough to know that Unitel probably had extensive footage ready of protesters with grenades and dynamite. No, the massacre story is the job of the opinion-makers in the leftist alt-media.


Evo Morales shows fake news in Mexico

In a lecture in Mexico on the “repression” in Bolivia which Evo Morales is now calling “genocide”, the deposed leader showed a video of Mexican police officers beating protesters in 2013.

Although the fraud has been widely exposed by journalists in Bolivia, there hasn’t been a tweet about it from his left-wing fan club. Are Mintpress, Grayzone Project and other liberal outlets interested in providing their readers with objective and serious journalism or simply parroting whatever their NGO contacts and “activists” in Bolivia tell them?

Max Blumenthal’s Grayzone Project journal has published many articles and reports on Bolivia. Max is the son of Sidney Blumenthal, speechwriter and advisor to the Clintons. Sidney Blumenthal (pictured) is a beneficiary of the Clinton Foundation, one of the most corrupt organisations in the world. Blumenthal was involved in all the shady scandals during the Clinton era.

During the Libyan war of 2011, he ran his own intelligence company and advised Clinton as she directed head-chopping psychopaths to take over the country. Blumenthal was so corrupt, even the Obama regime wanted to distance itself from him. His son Max was fully on board during the Libyan war. But in order to follow in Daddy’s shoes, Max needed to be a “radical” journalist and there wasn’t much radicalism left in Democracy Now! and other mainstream leftist media. So, he had to jump ship, and rely on chutzpah to stay afloat!

Max is now a “dissident” who claims he was recently arrested in Venezuela due to a plot by the opposition there. Did he not call daddy? The idea that Juan Guaido, a Free Mason and US puppet, would get into a fight with a Clintonite oligarch is high comedy indeed! But Blumenthal, like his father, is a good scriptwriter and that’s all you need to keep people in the grey zone.

The entire Grayzone Project reporting on the crisis has been nothing but public relations for Morales and his cartel. The same can be said for MintPress, who are disinforming through the reporting of Medea Benjamin. Benjamin runs Code Pink and Global Exchange, both of which are financed by “radical revolutionary” and, ahem, hedge-fund capitalist George Soros.

Is George Soros the Pope? Cardinal Athanasius Schneider seems to think so. Without mentioning his name, the Cardinal told Il Giornale on 27 June 2018 that the Church was being used as a moral platform for international powers promoting the destruction of Christianity.

In a 2016 lecture to the Fatima Centre, Elizabeth Yore said she was shocked when she an attended a conference at the Vatican Pontifical Academy where right-wing Soros agent of neoliberalism Jeffrey Sachs and leftwing Soros agent of anti-neoliberalism Melanie Klein outnumbered Catholic intellectuals.

Though the “Pope” is not mentioned in every article of this series on Bolivia, the Unholy Father is ever with us and has not abandoned his sheep.

If George Soros is behind the new left regimes in Latin America, what specific NGOs and think tanks are involved? We will turn to this important question in part three.


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