FBI issues ‘credible threat’ warning to South Florida law enforcement [Next False Flag?]

by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff

A few of The Liberty Beacon staff members were commenting earlier this week about the “same old-same old” scenario of: Power Elite in trouble. Bring in the Actors. Stage a Mass Shooting or pop off some high Explosives. Call for Gun Control. Dominate the News via the complicit/compliant MS Media for most of the week.

Name your Elitist that is in trouble… say?… Hillary Clinton? Strange how many of these “false flag” events have coincided with the Political types like Clinton and some of the other ‘world leaders’ when their personal and business/political difficulties have hit the air-ways, come out in print or been posted on the Web by Alternative Media.

The astonishing thing is they keep doing the same thing (Same Play-Book) time after time and Joe Blow down the street comes home from a long day at work… pops open a beer… watches the ‘staged event’ on the 6 O’clock News… and says, “God Damned, terrorists… someone should do something about it. I’ll bet Trump wouldn’t put up with that shit.”

Sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Blow. Trump is not the answer and needless to say neither is Hillary, for those of you still hanging on to that Unraveling Thread. The real power behind The Elite like Obama, Hillary, The Donald, Merkel and all of the other PM’s are the ones that are the true ‘puppet masters’ that produce and fund these False Flags. (Can you say George Soros? to start the list?) A quick for instance would be Soros funding of  Black Lives Matter.

So to our headline and the FBI sending out a warning to South Florida law enforcement about a ‘credible threat’ from terrorist. According to a short article in the Miami Harold: The FBI told police in South Florida it knew of a “credible threat.” A joint task force of law enforcement said the public was not in danger and  Police departments across South Florida took precautions. Read that article here.

So here we go again.  Same ‘play-book’ page after page. Local police are alerted… and it goes down days or weeks later as it did in Dallas, and all of the other False Flag incidents we have seen over the last 10 years. (some before that) As with many of the plans of the 1% for world domination, we have seen an increase in these events as they attempt to keep their agenda “on schedule.” This push has made them more visible and vulnerable to “public criticism” and has put them in “panic mode.” This mode make them extremely dangerous, as it causes them to “view” the public, police and event actors as Pawns in a Game. (EXPENDABLE) Yes some do get killed. 

Part of the play book calls for “Actors” to be gathered from a particular area well in advance of the ‘false flag’ event. We have noticed ads in Craigs List for these actors as evidenced in the following:

  • Crisis Actors Needed (West Palm Beach) hide this posting © craigslist – Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) compensation: $300-$500 per day We are a government contractor with 15 years of experience working with county, state, and federal agencies to ensure the safety of civilians by conducting simulated crisis events. Crisis scenarios may include, but are not limited to situations involving: – Natural disasters (tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, etc.) – Terror Scenarios (militias, extremists, etc.) – Biological/Chemical warfare attacks We are looking for people with experience with acting in theater or commercials. Film actors are also encouraged to apply for the position. You will be working alongside actually government officials to help train them in case of the event of emergency situations. Send an email with your resumé and modeling or acting portfolio to the above address.

  • Click here to see the CL ad on their link.

As always, at TLB we encourage you to do your own research. That is why we try to provide you with links and other credible information so you can draw your own conclusions and have an informed conversation with others in a discussion of this magnitude. Part of remaining Free is to Be Informed. (RE)


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  1. Then FBI will help with this.. who in the hell can trust the FBI now, they cover up for Hillary and all her crimes and FBI is connected to Clinton ‘s Foundation All will staged with crisis actors and innocent people are going to die

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