FEMA Camps: Modern Day Psychiatry/Nazism

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By: L. Femine

Many of you have read about threats to be sent to a FEMA camp for simply expressing your disagreement with Obama or the government. What makes this more believable is its chilling similarity to the Nazi era of mass concentration camps which were thoroughly aligned with psychiatry. In fact, this “mental healing” was the most powerful, driving force behind Nazism.

In order to improve on their control of the population, psychiatry expanded the definition of mental illness to include political disobedience. Thus, psychiatry became a tool of and ally to the government, particularly the Nazi-controlled regime.

Psychiatrists escaped punishment, for the most part, after W.W. II and are now hiding out here in the U.S., practicing shock treatment and doling out massive amounts of deadly drugs, modernizing their careers.

Most people believe Hitler ordered the mass execution and cruel medical experimentation of so many people but this is not totally true; he simply signed his consent. It was psychiatrists who pushed the envelope. It was psychiatry that initiated and carried out all the activities in the death camps.

I.G Farben, German pharmaceutical company, made use of concentration camp victims to conduct dangerous and fatal drug experiments and were the creators of the deadly gas that killed holocaust victims.

experimentHuman experimentation thrives today along the same lines of society – the poor, the feeble, minority groups, etc. These victims are not always properly informed of the possible side effects for fear they will back out. Or the consent form immigrants are given can’t be read because they don’t speak English

These psychs would send their “patients” (those politically involved) over to the authorities and they were then shipped to the gas chambers. Psychiatrists were responsible for killing over 200,000 people deemed mentally ill, including many thousands of feeble-minded children. The real intention, of course, was to rid the master race of “undesirables.” Their specialties weren euthanasia and sterilization.

At that time, once a person was labeled mentally ill due to some involvement in a political disturbance or disagreement, he could be sent away to a mental institution indefinitely and, of course, without a trial. What better way to squash the right to defend oneself or reveal some injustice, especially since one is now “crazy”?

Compare that to the thousands of veterans who now have no right to own a gun because they have been labeled “mentally ill.” Of course, psychiatry denies the fact that the drugs they give these soldiers are MAKING them insane.

Also, how similar is that incarceration to The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which Obama signed into law, allowing anyone to be sent away indefinitely without a trial and without having committed a crime?

In actual fact, the aberration of doing away with “undesirables” goes way back. Here’s a quote from Natural News, “In 1907, more than a decade before Hitler began his ascent to power in Germany, the U.S. had already enacted its first eugenics sterilization law. According to historical accounts, then-Indiana Governor J. Frank Hanly approved a law mandating sterilization of certain individuals in state custody, building on systems of thought already covertly established in the late 1800s that alleged traits like criminality, mental problems, and even being poor were hereditary.”

However, today’s suppression of our rights seems to be concentrated in our opinions and actions against a growing tyrannical government.

This oppressive past doesn’t have to be dramatized all over again, though they appear to be on center stage. Psychiatry and its undying love of suffering and death, using world-wide governments as its tools, are being exposed to the broad, mainstream public every day. There are many ills in the world but this black, pseudo-science wields incredible power with all its drug money and political control.

Help take them out. Peacefully and united.


L. Femine is a Staff Writer and The Print media Director for The Liberty Beacon project.







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  1. I remember Hans Ruesch (author of “Slaughter of the Innocent” and “Naked Empress, or The Great Medical Fraud”) writing that some vivisectors who survived the concentration camps went right back to performing cruel experiments on non-homo-sapiens animals after their release. Apparently, lesson not learned. Or, to quote Dr. Albert Schweitzer: “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not , himself, know peace.”

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