Fighting For Our Future – The Family First Act

Fighting For Our Future

By TLB Contributing Author: Malissa Diegel

The following is a correspondence I have authored and sent to Senators Richard Burr, Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan concerning the Family First Act, its failings and significant shortcomings …


Dear Senators Richard Burr, Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan,

My name is Melissa Diegel and I’m a very well-known advocate in the United States. “As is” I’m opposed to the Family First Act because modifications are needed.

Below is an article in regards to my daughters who were medically kidnapped. If you type into a search engine the name Kayla Diegel, Hannah Diegel or Melissa Diegel you will find that there’s a plethora of information online.

The Diegel Sisters, Human Guinea Pigs: Medical Kidnapping & Big Pharma Clinical Trials

We have reached epic proportions here in the United States in regards to the often warrant-less removal of children from safe, loving homes.

My story is unique because I used to work in group homes with medically fragile children. As time progressed my children became ill themselves requiring feeding tubes 24 hours a day.

Upon their illegal (without a warrant) removal, the state placed them both in medical group homes. My daughter Kayla was placed where I used to work. I have experience working in group homes both in California and Arizona.

My daughter Hannah Diegel, now age 12 was placed in a medical group home filled with cockroaches (documented.) It was there that they added and fabricated additional documents in regards to my daughter Hannah which have been debunked by a forensic report. (documented.)

My second daughter Kayla Diegel now age 15 was placed where I used to work. At a very well-respected Group Home in the state of Arizona. The name of the group home is called Health Care Alternatives better known as the Bogden House.

Once removed from the medical group home and placed in foster care my daughter Kayla Diegel almost died.

I am currently in the Court of Appeals awaiting a decision.

My case is extremely well known, well documented and deals directly with Title IV Federal Funding.

I’m uniquely qualified to help explain things to you on multiple levels.

I have an Early Childhood Education and used to own my own preschool, prior to having my children falsely removed.

I appreciate the fact that you are holding out on the Family First Act. I’ve read it personally and have done at least a dozen videos (live streaming) about it.

After becoming deeply engrossed in this subject I shared with the public my concerns regarding why The Family First Act is so concerning.

The truth is that certain group homes are needed but others should be shut down.

The regulation needs to be stricter.

I’ve been there when they have done several inspections on group homes that I have worked for. On a regular basis the state checked the home with their standard check sheet in order to determine whether the home was safe or not. The check sheets are extremely basic and standard. The largest problem is the quality of the group homes (staff and child to client ratio.)

I do have documentation from personal cases here in Arizona in regards to some of the atrocities that have happened in group homes, sorry to be graphic but one such example of the actual documentation I have is a child having a hanger put in his anus while in the state’s care in a group home.

But I know from my own personal experience I would have rather my daughter Kayla remained in the group home she was at then to be transferred to foster care where she ended up being physically abused.

There is a lot more written into this bill then just group homes though. It federally funds the continuation of the removal of many children across the United States. Did you know that over 80% of parents are accused of neglect?

Most people think the children are put into the system because they were physically or sexually abused but that is a separate category and makes up for less than 20% of the actual cases in the system. 80% of the children in general should not have been removed in the first place. Often times with just a small amount of help and support the children could have remained in their original forever homes.

Adoption bonuses encourage the removal of children in order for the state to receive extra Federal Funding. This affects not only families and the child personally but it has been statistically shown that the majority of these types of children end up in jail, pregnant or homeless after they turn 18, because of the trauma of being removed.

If the funding turned around and ended up helping families instead, 80% would potentially NOT need to be removed or placed into the system.

Many of the 300 plus organizations backing The Family First Act Bill all financially benefit in one way or another.

I do not get paid to be a journalist. I do not get paid to be an advocate. I do not get paid to educate the public. My motives are pure.

I can honestly say I see both sides.

I have helped hundreds of families across the United States as they struggle with the court system and the fact that they are denied the right to due process.

It is very important to me that both children and families are safe. I would not want for any family or child to suffer.

There are much better ways to write this bill. After reviewing it I have added additional stuff I would recommend if I were in your position.

Last but not least, I would like to share that upon my children’s unjust removal 32 months ago, my daughter Kayla Diegel almost died in the system because of the forced removal of her feeding tube. This is despite the fact that she had a nuclear gastric scan that showed her stomach was partially paralyzed. It was Dr. Siaw of Phoenix Children’s Hospital that recommended this. My girls have a rare condition called Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation (which is a form of mitochondrial disease.) They were placed on a drug trial without my permission and used as guinea kids.

The Cures Act, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, The Family First Act, Title IV Federal Funding and Precision Medicine all directly affect my family and the other families I voluntarily work with here in Phoenix, Arizona.

I pray that you will personally consider holding out not only until you personally are able to speak to me but because children are being harmed.

The following are the recommended modifications to the bill.



Melissa Diegel

You can reach me by going to:

Thank you for your time.








Please visit Melissa at  A MIRACLE FOR TWO SISTERS for more pertinent articles and information.


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5 Comments on Fighting For Our Future – The Family First Act

  1. People make big mistakes when they talk to cos, instead you should remain silent, and plead the 5th and 4th, don’t let them on your property without a warrant. I had a frivolous report to cos, and they tried talking to me and I did not talk, and they finally sent me a letter saying the the report was unsubstantiated.

  2. The Diegel Case #1

    Two medically fragile sisters were taken directly from their Phoenix Children’s Hospital beds and placed in the Arizona CPS / DCS system. Their mother Melissa, was falsely accused of medical child abuse. ( this was due to a cover-up by a GI doctor that wished to experiment on the two sisters) because of their rare, but profitable, congenital condition called Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. The current code of federal regulations 46.116 allows clinical trials to be performed on any and all children who become wards of the state. Both children declined after forcibly having their feeding tube nutrition discontinued they lost 27 pounds between the two of them suffered malnutrition and a vitamin deficiency and one child nearly died. Judge #KnockKnockJudgeHoffman purposely suppressed exculpatory evidence from the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) who witnessed the girls abuse in foster care. This case is currently in the Court of Appeals. #CaughtRedHanded

  3. Thank you Amanda Johnson and Liberty Hayes for sharing your very real but sad life experiences. I will keep you both in my prayers. My you see justice one day soon. -Melissa Diegel

  4. #StopForcefulDruggingOfParents

    My Name is Amanda Johnson and I have a powerful story to tell. Because I refused to give my son shots my children were removed by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

    My children were loved well cared for with me.

    After DCF got involved I attempted suicide. I want to share with everybody that the reason I attempted suicide was because DCF forced me to be on medication. I had a reaction to the medication called Dissociative Fugue.

    CPS, as it is known to the public, sometimes wreaks more havoc on a family than you can imagine. I want people to know the truth.
    #MADCF #CaughtRedHanded

  5. The Hayes Case #4

    My family has endured 10 years of multi-generational attacks at the hands of CPS. We had a blended family of 10. Our children were removed based on the false allegations (of what?.) For two years while the children were placed in different abusive homes in Michigan (we cooperated and jumped through all the hoops that were placed in front of us by CPS.) 8 of the 10 children experienced abuse while AWAY from us.

    We the parents were found NOT guilty by a JURY. In a piercing fraudulent twist the judge, (#MILBudayJDG) illegally decided to ignore the jury’s decision and never returned our children. Ten years later, my prior case in which I was innocent then led to the removal of my precious granddaughter who was breast-fed and only 3 months old at the time. She was then placed into the CPS system. #CaughtRedHanded

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