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By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

We are living in the strangest period in American history, and also the most hopeful.  This Bloodless Liberty exposes the largest, longest-running crime cartel on earth — the U.S. Congress.  It then debunks 10 widely-held lies that Washington D.C. has cultivated among its sovereigns, to make us its serfs.

The Ten Lies Debunked

The books explains why each of these widely-held bits of ‘conventional wisdom’ are demonstrable lies…

Lie #1: The Constitution grants citizen rights

Lie #2: Supremacy Clause means federal trumps state

Lie #3: Judicial Review is only federal

Lie #4: Sovereign immunity means Congress is untouchable

Lie #5: Everything is interstate commerce Lie

#6: General welfare means the founders were socialists

Lie #7: Voting is citizens’ only remedy for corruption Lie

#8: The GOP is conservative Lie

#9: Congress can grant a counterfeiting concession

Lie #10: Congress can run domestic terror operations

Then the book explains how AmericaAgain!, with less than 1% of the American population involved, can restore rule of law — thus limited government, lawful money, honest banking, private property, and much more.

The book explains why Dishonest Abe Lincoln was the father of American communism, and his his War to Enslave the States, the perfect national distraction behind which the cartels could deep-capture these sovereign States of America, making Washington D.C. their center of operations.

Download the Book for Free

At the end of the book, we present short synopses of 41 of the most vital books of this generation, giving the reader a keen understanding of why life is the way it is today.

Download the PDF edition of the book HERE for free — and you too will understand why, rather than this being the end of American liberty, we are living through the beginning of the best period in 200 years!


TLB: Please click on the logo to listen to a great (recorded) discussion between TLB and David concerning the Issues of liberty in America today … and the solutions AmericaAgain! is providing.


TLB Highly recommends you visit AmericaAgain! for more great/pertinent articles and information.

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