Finally: list of 80 people with as much money as 1/2 of humanity


posted by Michael Thomas

Since the “financial repression,” the most powerful people have only gotten more powerful. A 2013 Oxfam report found that 80 people had as much wealth as 1/2 of humanity, and a few months later Forbes said the number had dropped to 67. Many of us asked who exactly these people are, and now the list has been released.

1Bill Gates$76USATech
2Carlos Slim Helu$72MexicoTelecom
3Amancio Ortega$64SpainRetail
4Warren Buffett$58USAFinance
5Larry Ellison$48USATech
6Charles Koch$40USADiversified
7David Koch$40USADiversified
8Sheldon Adelson$38USAEntertainment
9Christy Walton$37USARetail
10Jim Walton$35USARetail
11Liliane Bettencourt$35FranceProduct
12Stefan Persson$34SwedenRetail
13Alice Walton$34USARetail
14S. Robson Walton$34USARetail
15Bernard Arnault$34FranceLuxury
16Michael Bloomberg$33USAFinance
17Larry Page$32USATech
18Jeff Bezos$32USARetail
19Sergey Brin$32USATech
20Li Ka-shing$31Hong KongDiversified
21Mark Zuckerberg$29USATech
22Michele Ferrero$27ItalyFood
23Aliko Dangote$25NigeriaCommodities
24Karl Albrecht$25GermanyRetail
25Carl Icahn$25USAFinance
26George Soros$23USAFinance
27David Thomson$23CanadaMedia
28Lui Che Woo$22Hong KongEntertainment
29Dieter Schwarz$21GermanyRetail
30Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud$20Saudi ArabiaFinance
31Forrest Mars Jr.$20USAFood
32Jacqueline Mars$20USAFood
33John Mars$20USAFood
34Jorge Paulo Lemann$20BrazilDrinks
35Lee Shau Kee$20Hong KongDiversified
36Steve Ballmer$19USATech
37Theo Albrecht Jr.$19GermanyRetail
38Leonardo Del Vecchio$19ItalyLuxury
39Len Blavatnik$19USADiversified
40Alisher Usmanov$19RussiaExtractives
41Mukesh Ambani$19IndiaExtractives
42Masayoshi Son$18JapanTelecom
43Michael Otto$18GermanyRetail
44Phil Knight$18USARetail
45Tadashi Yanai$18JapanRetail
46Gina Rinehart$18AustraliaExtractives
47Mikhail Fridman$18RussiaExtractives
48Michael Dell$18USATech
49Susanne Klatten$17GermanyCars
50Abigail Johnson$17USAFinance
51Viktor Vekselberg$17RussiaMetals
52Lakshmi Mittal$17IndiaMetals
53Vladimir Lisin$17RussiaTransport
54Cheng Yu-tung$16Hong KongDiversified
55Joseph Safra$16BrazilFinance
56Paul Allen$16USATech
57Leonid Mikhelson$16RussiaExtractives
58Anne Cox Chambers$16USAMedia
59Francois Pinault$16FranceRetail
60Iris Fontbona$16ChileExtractives
61Azim Premji$15IndiaTech
62Mohammed Al Amoudi$15Saudi ArabiaExtractives
63Gennady Timchenko$15RussiaExtractives
64Wang Jianlin$15ChinaReal Estate
65Charles Ergen$15USATelecom
66Stefan Quandt$15GermanyCars
67Germán Larrea Mota Velasco$15MexicoExtractives
68Harold Hamm$15USAExtractives
69Ray Dalio$14USAFinance
70Donald Bren$14USAReal Estate
71Georg Schaeffler$14GermanyProduct
72Luis Carlos Sarmiento$14ColombiaFinance
73Ronald Perelman$14USAFinance
74Laurene Powell Jobs$14USAEntertainment
75Serge Dassault$14FranceAviation
76John Fredriksen$14CyprusTransport
77Vagit Alekperov$14RussiaExtractives
78John Paulson$14USAFinance
79Rupert Murdoch$14USAMedia
80Ma Huateng$13ChinaTech


These are the same people, very likely, keeping the “filter” on our representative democracy. Do you feel uncomfortable about the fact that many of these people have seen their wealth increase drastically while at the same time the middle class shrinks and “austerity” is demanded almost globally outside of Sweden and Norway. It makes me feel uncomfortable that the political influence of these people have served to increase their wealth and weaken regulations, and I suggest we seek meaningful changes on a systemic level.

What Bernie Sanders had to say in his meme about wealth inequality is true, and it is most certainly not an accident.


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