Fluoride: Follow the Money

Like most everything in this world, the history of fluoridation is a long and twisting road, but at the beginning and the end you will inevitably find a big green dollar sign. I know it sounds cynical and un-American, but the truth is sometimes unpalatable.

By way of economic incentives, the American Dental Association (ADA) also became a prominent and active promoter of fluoridation. This came about through the influence of a small clique in ADA pretending to speak for all dentists. While the public has tended to see ADA as an unbiased professional organization – it is in fact a trade group, with predictable motivations. The role of this dental trade association in fluoridation has been that of an opportunist. It has received ongoing financial support from the USPHS, itself a virtual arm of big industry.

ADA alleged an ethical role on the part of dentists based on their claim that fluoridation would reduce dentists’ income. But expensive cosmetic dentistry required to hide the effects of fluorosis actually increased the income of dentists. As a result, the dental trade association has become an ideal front for big industry in their scheme to dump fluoride waste products at a profit.

Influencing the US medical community was also of crucial importance to the success of the fluoridation scheme. Thousands of American Medical Association members came to be dependent on grants from the National Institutes of Health (a part of the USPHS) for most of their support. A majority of medical schools also came to recognize their increasing dependence on government grants via USPHS. One effect of this influence was minimizing the subject of fluorosis in medical texts. Consequently, the majority of dentists and physicians know very little about chronic fluoride poisoning.

Industry’s unstated motivation behind water fluoridation was to find an economical means for disposal of their accumulating fluoride waste products, and to avoid claims for compensation by workers harmed by airborne fluoride on the job. USPHS has supported this industrial strategy while at the same time actively assisting industry in a cover of their fluoride air pollution problems. Today, through regional and county health offices, USPHS influences city councils to override previous ballot decisions against fluoridating public water, thereby subverting the basic principles of democratic government, as well as compromising public health.

By: Bruce Robinson


See original here: http://fluoridefreekansas.org/2012/09/fluoride-follow-the-money/

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  1. What they are doing is CRIMINAL! We need more advocates to stop the fluoridation of our waters!

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