Forced Flu Shots Gaining Momentum Across the Country

Despite mounting evidence that the flu vaccine is completely ineffective at preventing illness, employers across America are threatening employees with termination if they refuse to get the injection.

One such employer is Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk, Ne. The hospital has told staff they must receive the vaccine as a condition of their employment.  A staff member commented on the mandatory nature of the vaccine. “You can refuse under 2 circumstances. An allergy, which you must get a signed doctor’s note for. Or religious belief, which you must have your clergy sign a note for. In the event that you decline the flu shot with one of these options, you are required to wear a mask for the entire flu season, which is December thru March. ”

The Colorado Board of Health has voted 7-1 that every worker in a healthcare setting will be required to receive the vaccine. This mandate will be phased in over the next three years and employees have an option: get the shot or look for a new job outside the healthcare sector.

Rhode Island has also jumped on the mandatory flu shot bandwagon. Over the objections of health-care workers’ unions and the Rhode Island affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union, Health Director Michael D. Fine has filed the regulation,  mandating seasonal flu shots for doctors, nurses and other  employees and volunteers who work in  hospitals, nursing homes, home-care agencies and other health-related industries in the state.

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