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free-energy-[1]By: Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff.

The Galileo syndrome in our time.

“There is no energy crisis, but simply a crisis of Ignorance” B.Fuller.

Imagine free energy, unlimited, clean, inexpensive and available for all!!! Nuclear power plants, gas and oil wells, coal mines … would all have to be retired forever. An unusual type of energy makes it all possible. It does not come from the sun, wind, rain or tides, it is not a fossil or nuclear fuel taken from the ground or engineered by chemical synthesis.

“In a few generations, our machinery will be driven by energy obtained anywhere in the world … It is a simple matter of time and men will manage to connect their machines to the wheels of Nature.”- Nikola Tesla.

Free energy or energy from the ether.

Indeed, it has been shown that the ether contains an enormous amount of energy, close to absolute zero (Zero-point energy, also called quantum vacuum zero-point energy) and usable in abundance:

pc7145earth[1]It is a renewable energy source available for free. It is the electromagnetic energy contained in the frame of the universe. It is present in space and matter. The free energy fills the “gap” that surrounds us. The free energy is a paradox of contemporary science: either there is in the universe a gravitational force to the masses listed above, or there is a free invisible energy that submits to the effect of pressure that could be called cosmic. Quantum physics now tends to show that every cubic meter of space around us contains a tremendous amount of this energy. To date, all the reported techniques used for the capture involve a principle of a temporary imbalance in the structure of electromagnetic waves, causing transmutation matter/energy and/or energy transfer…

Research shows that this energy source can be partially converted into usable energy. This would be unlimited and non-polluting, and like the wind and the sun, its use is free.

Imagine this breakthrough exists for the past 20 years: have you ever heard of it? No, because on the contrary everything has been done to bury the issue. There are many independent inventors who built free energy machines whose results were published in the open and checked, but as the scientific community does not understand the theoretical principles underlying these inventions, it simply ignores its existence. So all is well.

Given that ordinary people would say, if it existed, we would have heard of it. Then you could ask the question: who would have told you? So here it is: These free energy machines are certainly tangible evidence of the existence of a form of energy totally ignored by the world of science. These are machines that convert some form of energy that is not recognized by modern science, into tangible mechanical energy. These machines produce more energy than they consume. No offense to some physicists, this does not violate the sacrosanct principle of conservation of energy because these machines do not create something that did not exist before, but it turns something that we do not know how to detect into something usable.

Quantum physics has shown us that many physical laws that seem fixed and inflexible are actually being violated. For example, we discovered that the universe is made up of several dimensions, matter particles exist simultaneously in several places in the universe and it is possible to teleport matter through matter or information through the universe instantly … So the void in the universe is filled with astronomical quantum energy and all this information only give credit to the free energy machines and their actual existence.

If we can, by slightly polarizing the vacuum phenomena (though still poorly explained but based on electromagnetism), recover some of this energy, the machines that are injected in, provide more energy than they consume, they merely “pump” energy where it is … and it is Nature, everywhere, that feeds the vacuum energy.

nikola_tesla_by_greg_opalinski-d64sjzp[1]Tesla’s apparatus designed to capture the radiant energy of the natural environment is described in U.S. Patent #. 685.958 and 685,957. As unbelievable as it may seem, laboratories around the world are beginning to exploit this revolutionary energy. Some eminent theoretical physicists are beginning to understand why and how this is possible. Several companies are at an early stage of marketing such viable devices that produce much more energy than what is needed to make them work…

Since Nikola Tesla’s time, the public generally had difficulty accessing information on these energy transformations. But gradually these devices using matter for energy are now accepted in patent applications, and are far from being considered impossible to achieve by the energy cartels that in turn, take very seriously the difficult task of misinforming the public about that …also, these findings can only be done with the collapse of the laws of physics as we know them for the past three centuries.

The-End-of-Suburbia-Oil-Depletion-and-the-Collapse-of-The-American-Dream[1]The planet is in a real energy impasse as oil reserves diminish rapidly and powerful nations resort to wars in order to secure what’s left in the reservoirs. The Oil crisis leaves little hope for humanity given the thousands of nuclear warheads that may inevitably be used amid probable escalation of conflicts. We have no other hope for the survival of humanity than to develop new technologies for producing free energy in order to resolve this impasse, which is also an ecological emergency, because the burning of fossil oil reserves , coal and gas, inexorably pollute the planet to a point of no return.

But the combined energy cartels greed and scientific skepticism account for harassment claims by the inventors community: corruption, patent repurchasing and threats up to the disappearance or death of inventors, in troubling circumstances, makes it very difficult for free energy devices to garner the attention of the general public or to be evaluated for commercial production and distribution. But a long line of inventors appeared to offer such machines, “overunity” performance. The word “overunity” refers to a system whose energy level increases, without any defined external source, an idea that science rejects for over a century at least.

The main stumbling blocks were the rigid scientific thoughts concerning the violation of energy conservation laws, and powerful oil interests opposing the idea of free energy. These barriers seriously hinder the new technology to be studied. Nevertheless, a long succession of free energy engines have been developed, and these facts should be released because of their importance and their multiple consequences.

If we listen to the official thinking (relayed by the mass media), with regard to wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and biofuels, we almost made the rounds of potentially existing solutions termed as alternative energy. But we have to realize that these solutions have their limits. It will be very difficult if not impossible to replace oil and nuclear power with them.

Free Energy[1]Isn’t it time to offer our civilization the opportunity to use a new natural and inexhaustible source of energy, without harmful effects on the environment?

Because, if you do agree and for the sake of Human survival, then please share this article far and wide and together we can open the eyes of the world …


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