From Freedom to Fear: 9/11 & The Bush Legacy

From Freedom to Fear: 9/11 & The Bush Legacy

Political Commentary By: Roger Landry (TLB)

As we approach 9/11 … a day of blatant historical significance, lets stop and look at the WHAT and the WHY. What was America even like two decades ago … at the turn of the twenty first century? What were the political and economic drives behind America’s global reach? Who and what were the driving forces behind the global actions of the worlds most powerful country? And what were the ramifications of these realities for We The People? The answers to these questions at the time in no way translate to the truth or historical reality we now understand. Lets examine the person/puppet who supposedly lead this Republic through these historical times, and an America then, that helps to explain the why of America now …

Bush being told about 9/11 attack

The Bush Legacy

The labels Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Progressive or NEOCON are simply tools to engage and divide the masses, to play us against one another and to keep us distracted while the true tyranny is perpetrated, hidden in plain sight. Even those who would claim these titles in leadership are but pawns in a game We The People are never to be permitted to win.

So let us awaken and delve into the misdirection, hypocrisy and tyranny disguised as patriotism and the deceitfully false show of concern for the welfare of America, because to continue in ignorance sounds the death toll for this once great nation now in crisis.

To help demonstrate the validity of this argument let us examine George W. Bush. This modern-day politician will be seen in the history books future generations will read from, as a patriot. But if we examine his deeds then reality is a shocking wake up call for those who have been lulled into these beliefs by the lies and misdirection’s of the puppet masters via their most powerful and effective propaganda tool, the mainstream media (MSM)!

A characterization (snapshot) of the Bush presidency.

We start with Bush quite in character as a right-wing neo-conservative kowtowing to the Corporate Military Industrial Complex which boomed under his administration. Immediately following the 9/11 incident this country geared up for war spurred on by the fervent rhetoric of his administration! Cries of revenge and retaliation were contained in every speech and public address.

The American people were whipped into a patriotic froth waving flags and looking to extract their pound of flesh! Any Muslim regardless of their actual nationality or allegiance was looked at with unwarranted (based on blatant lies) fear. Fear is the most effective form of control over mankind ever devised by mans mind, and serves only to perpetuate hate and protracted ignorance. This gave rise to the, most expensive, expansive and destructive manhunt in the history of this planet, but was in reality a perfectly choreographed and pre-planned exercise in smoke and mirrors, lies and deceit.

No price in national treasure, respect or even human life was too large to be suffered in order to find and kill Osama Bin Laden, the devil incarnate! So we pumped up the military machine, and proceeded to invade and occupy Afghanistan. After an extended period of time Bin Lauden was thought to have escaped through the mountain passes of Tora Bora into Pakistan.

We did not leave Afghanistan but settled in to rebuild the country as we, or to be more precise, the puppet masters thought it should be, all the while raping its society for all the gains the international banking cabal and the soulless corporate criminal elements could extract from it, and a new term was coined, “Nation Building”.

At this point we also began performing cross border raids into Pakistan another sovereign nation and sending Predator drones in to kill anyone who opposed us or our goals, all in the name of finding someone we where being told at the time was already dead.

Next we were told that Iraq was an eminent threat to our national security because they had weapons of mass destruction including the makings of a nuclear bomb, even though the information available to the administration at the time showed conclusively that Iraq and Sadam Hussein where willing to do ANYTHING to avoid war with the USA.

So again the nation was lied to and whipped into a frenzy to support another invasion of a sovereign nation on what we where told was a mission of extreme patriotic importance, justified by the need to protect the homeland … really? Protect it from who, or what? It seems very clear to us now these are the questions many of us should have been asking, but the finely tuned engine of propaganda (the MSM) was very effective and successful in quelling any dissenting rhetoric.

You are either with US … Or you are with the TERRORISTS

Again no price in national treasure, respect, or human life (both American and Iraqi) was to be spared. We marched in and decimated a county where the people enjoyed one of the highest standards of living in that part of the world, and bombed it back to the stone age, eventually killing millions and poisoning generations to come through the massive utilization of depleted uranium ammunition. And guess what, no weapons of mass destruction! At this point you would think any decent peace-loving nation would have left but not us.

Again we settled in for another long session of Nation Building, again raping its society for all the gains the international banking cabal and corporate vultures could extract from it …

The winners:

  • The military industrial complex who made billions from these wars.

  • The CIA drug lords who now controlled 90% of the worlds very lucrative heroin markets through the poppy fields in Afghanistan that thrived with US military protection.

  • The oil companies who again with the protection of American military might firmly entrenched in the region, began the process of building a pipeline through these occupied nations to control the sweet crude oil needed to prop up the failing petro-dollar.

  • The international banking cabals who immediately set up central banks in these countries.

  • The corporate power brokers who sucked the life’s blood out of anything worth stealing from these sovereign nations economies.

  • The crooked politicians who supported these unnecessary wars and in turn profited from them in favor or treasure.

The losers:

  • The people of the sovereign nations we invaded and occupied with millions of innocent civilians dead, maimed for life or displaced from homes that no longer existed, and the massive numbers of stillbirths, birth defects and cancers that will plague these nations for many generations to come (depleted uranium ammunition).

  • The American people with well over a trillion dollars (that we are allowed to know of) wasted on these imperialistic endeavors.

  • The dead American servicemen who were deceived into believing they where giving their lives to protect a homeland that was never in danger to start with.

  • The respect for this country once seen by the world as Camelot or the shining castle on top of the hill, and now thought of as the eight hundred pound gorilla/bully on the block.

How many Americans are even aware that these wars where all planned in detail in the mid to late 1990’s during the Clinton years (fact). Seven nations including Afghanistan and Iraq were put on a hit list, five of these nations being in the middle east and all with one thing in common … they had no central banking system tied to the international cabal who via a very powerful Oligarchy controls the ebb and flow of capital and wealth across the globe via institutions such as the US Federal Reserve.

But a reason, a catalyst was required to set this all in motion … 9/11 … Yea this event was a mighty convenient occurrence for something already planned, but I digress. As of this point Bush is in character as a full-blown NEOCON but as bad as this is, for We The People it gets worse!

G.W. Bush … Conservative … ???

G.W. Bush while claiming to be a true conservative, is in fact responsible for initiating the largest (at the time) increase in government spending and national debt in this nation’s history (very Un-Republican). This was done on several fronts, those being the massive military spending required to fight two wars simultaneously, massive tax cuts to large and favored corporations and in his second term a series of stimulus packages and corporate welfare (bailouts) designed (supposedly) to help pull this country out of what was to become the deepest recession since the great depression, caused by the housing bubble collapse.

This economic collapse was the result of horrendous mismanagement and criminal misuse of billions if not trillions of dollars entrusted to the worlds preeminent financial institutions. Yet no one goes to prison because these are in fact the puppet masters who own the political system and the politicians (including the president).

So while the middle class embarked on a downward death spiral our government and the Federal Reserve began to pump what would eventually exceed an estimated $16 trillion (a total far exceeding the entire federal debt at the time) and some say, several times this amount internationally, in loans, bailouts and corporate welfare into the very entities responsible for the catastrophe. In essence it can be argued that the criminal perpetrators got rewarded for their misdeeds, and the innocent masses got what proved to be a massive economic bi*ch slap, administered by our trusted elected representatives … lead by Bush!

It is not only our treasury and world respect that suffered catastrophic losses during the Bush years, but also our liberties, rights and freedoms! For those of us who reportedly reside in the land of the free and the home of the brave, this may be the worst of the Bush legacy! Prior to Bush the citizens of this country could not even conceive of institutions or laws controlling and usurping our freedoms and rights on the scale that was being done on a daily basis via mechanisms such as the NDAA or the Patriot Act, a name ill suited for its intent and ramifications.

Then we were forced to contend with the expanded powers or the TSA, Homeland Security and FEMA as well as others we may not even be aware of. What we observed in the name of safety and security was our rights and freedoms being watered down and trampled on in a progression that continues at an accelerated pace to this day! Witness the birth of a police state! Surely our founding fathers who sacrificed so much to bequeath to us our Constitution and Bill of Rights outlining our God-given freedoms, liberties and unalienable rights where rolling over in their graves!

We must also contend with the fact that during his administration the government grows in leaps and bounds including it’s size, scope, influence and intrusion into our daily lives. The list of what most people would describe as very liberal, even progressive, and in some cases criminal policies and actions goes on and on, all perpetrated by a supposed right-wing, Conservative, anti-big and intrusive government, Republican. Can anyone explain the basis for any of this in context with the stated Republican platform? Is this even a supposed Republican mindset, or is this the blurring of the party definition by those who own the party, in fact both parties, and all to serve an intended and predetermined goal (another future topic).

This is the George W. Bush legacy in all its splendor! A man whose policies followed both Progressive (Liberal) and NEOCON (Conservative) lines of reasoning to a new crescendo of radicalism that benefited only the Bankers, Wall Street power brokers, and the Military Industrial Complex, to the extreme detriment of We The People!

So here we have laid bare the actions of a so-called Republican who played the role of a NEOCON, and also a Progressive. A man whose actions cross the entire political spectrum and all its extremes. Bush was railed against, called a war criminal, a murderer and even a tyrant. His economic policies and support of the Federal Reserves tactics were denounced in the 2008 presidential elections by all major candidates from both parties (especially Obama) as being far too radical in nature, or as a total abject failure, and his foreign policy was railed on for the imperialistic warmongering it in fact was! His popularity in the lame duck years of his presidency was dismal at best and we all figured anyone would be better than him …

We were so very wrong!

What was choreographed so brilliantly during the Bush fiasco was the intended goal of bringing a confident, self-assured and prosperous society into a mindset of constant fear and government dependency. The feeling that We The People must depend on an ultra powerful and over-reaching government to keep us safe from boogeymen of their creation, even at the expense of our God given liberty … Mission accomplished!

As radical as Bush was, as damaging to this country as his economic and political actions and mandates where, and as tyrannical as his freedom robbing ideals seemed, even this pales in comparison to his successors freedom robbing and society destroying exploits … but that is another commentary altogether.

Now look at the Puppet In Chief, Biden and all that is transpiring in America today … and understand this is merely the end-game of a scenario that started decades ago, but was temporarily stalled by Donald Trump! Open your eyes to reality as it truly exists today America, because the time grows short for action or change, and the only alternative is the death of America as we know it …


My Parting Shot …

If you truly believe G.W. was the mastermind behind any of what is presented above … Well take a look at the mental giant unencumbered by the pundits and the editing room … A puppet requires very little intelligence to simply follow the orders of its master … Does this remind you of anyone (Joe-Bob) ??!!


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