From Nobel Peace Prize to the Threat of WWIII in 5 years

President Barack Obama meets with bipartisan House and Senate Leadership in the Cabinet Room of the White HouseBy: Chaplain Robert Poynter, TLB Contributor.

The last two weeks have been interesting indeed, I have watched with great interest what’s going on in Syria and the rest of the world. President Obama; gave a speech last Friday that really concerned me. In that speech he said two things, first, he implied that we had a Constitution based on a Democracy, and second, he referred to the military as “His Military”.Most people didn’t catch either of those two phrases. Our Constitution is based on a Republic, not a democracy. In a Republic form of government the citizens can take an active role in their government; however it’s designed to protect the minorities and insure we don’t become a majority rule type of government. We have a Constitution and it was designed to protect our God given unalienable rights. It can only be changed by the people elected to represent us, by an amendment to our Constitution.

In a Democracy, it allows the majority to rule over the minority, there are no guaranteed freedoms. Please see the provided link for greater details on the two types of government: I urge everyone to study and understand the difference.

Secessao[1]The next statement that should concern people is the statement he made about this being his military. The military does not belong to the President to be used at his whim. Our military was designed to be controlled by our Congress; it is the United States Military, not the Presidents. It is only to be used according to the Constitution if our homeland is under a direct threat or to protect our national security and interest. Syria doesn’t threaten either so, I found both of these statements to be very arrogant and disturbing in nature.

The Nobel Peace Prize President is getting us involved in another countries civil war; there is no threat to American people or the National Security of our nation. If we “fire a shot across the bow” as President Obama has suggested, we run the risk of starting another war. None of our allies are standing behind us, NATO and the U.N. are not behind us and we run the risk of starting a war that could have global consequences. Russia and Iran are allies with Syria, and the Chinese have aligned themselves with Russia. All of these nations have warned the U.S. that there will be consequences if we get involved in Syria. Syria has gone as far to say that they will launch their Russian made missiles into Israel if we got involved in any way other than a humanitarian effort.

hodges 02Before I go any farther, I have to ask you these questions. While I may not like Assad, what would our nation do if we had an armed rebellion against it? What if we took over key infrastructures and controlled them by force? What would happen to the American people if they marched on Washington D.C. armed with the intent of overthrowing our government? What would our own President do to the American people?

We saw the beatings and the tear gas used on the people of this nation during the OWS movement. We also know that the TSA and DHS and our own local police departments are becoming more and more militarized. So why are we involved in another countries personal affairs? We go around the world preaching democracy, overthrowing governments in the name of democracy, while we have the NSA and other governmental entities spying on us and taking away our freedoms, destroying our own system of government. These are just questions that come to mind when we do these things in other countries.

What I have seen happening to the United States, in just the last 5 years is alarming to say the least. We have been made into the laughing stock of the whole world. We have been made to look weak in the eyes of our enemies and allies. Now President syrian-rebels1Obama made the mistake of drawing a red line in the sand without having a plan to back up his remarks, his own arrogance in having drawn a red line in the sand against Syria has brought its cackling chickens home to roost and at what cost? We run the risk of starting WWIII, over a civil war in a country that doesn’t want us there, the people don’t like us and we risk letting the Muslim Brotherhood take control of its government. Now there is no right answer to this problem, The President made a strong threatening statement to Assad, if they crossed a line. But if we were going to attack then why have we waited so long and why have we given Assad the time to move everything out of the strike zones and into the civilian population. We have broadcast our intent all over the world and have even let them know that we weren’t going to go all in, that it would be a very limited strike that would accomplish nothing. As a Marine Corp Veteran, I can assure you that you never let the enemy know what you’re doing; if you do your plan of attack is worthless. If we do this we better be ready to go all in and we better send a direct message to the rest of the world to regain their respect. If we don’t, there is no point in getting involved in another nation’s civil war.

Putins rageIf we do there will be consequences to our actions and we better be ready right here at home to except and expect those consequences. Russia and China will ensure that the U.N. takes action against us and if the U.N. won’t then you can bet Russia and China will. Folks we are closer to WWIII than ever before. If nothing else we are back to the days before of the Cold War, except this time our military is stretched thin, worn out and we as a country are broke.

As I said, because of the Presidents “Red Line in the Sand”, there is no right answer this time around. We don’t do anything we look weak, if we go in with a limited strike, it will accomplish nothing and we look weak. We will be the laughing stock of the world. If we go all in we chance starting WWIII. But one thing all military soldiers and veterans know, you never tell the enemy what you’re going to do and telegraph it to the world beforehand. What a mess were in….

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  1. you are so right about that last sentence Chap! as always, your expierience and keen insight are refreshing and appreciated always. You made all excellent points and i am definately on the same page as you, tracking alike. God Bless you brother for your courage and boldness to speak in these most unsettling times for all americans.

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