Gardasil: Looking Into the Eyes of Those Who Suffer

20091021060012337[1]By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Big Pharma continues to put our children in harms way, and sugar coat it with massive government and industry media blitzes. And why should they care, after all it’s not like you can sue them and they do earn over $1.5 billion a year from this product.

We who are concerned pretty much know the statistics, we know the facts don’t lie, we have heard the warnings from the independent experts,abstract-artwork-depicting-holiday-vaccinations-paul-brown[2] but these are overshadowing  the most important part … the humanity of this fiasco!

While doing some research I came across this page on –

This put me back in touch with the real issue here, the reason we rail, post, rant, protest, and what should drive us to be unrelenting in our pursuit to see justice done … the humanity. These stories are not new to all of us, but that makes them no less heart wrenching … I knew I needed to share this.


There are more than 3,000 videos on YouTube in which girls and women tell their stories of adversity after Gardasil injections. Below are links to a few of these stories.


Listen to an audio interview with Peter Tucker on Spectrum Today regarding the paper-6/23/10 – WPFW 89.3

Numerous interviews have been conducted and published in newspapers, journals and websites across the country and the world. Below are links to a few of these articles.

  • Washington Examiner – Three mothers’s tell their stories
  • Norma Ericzon has profiled stories with several families on her website at:
  • Merck sells Gardasil in Europe through a joint venture with Sanofi Aventis pharmaceutical company. Gardasil was just introduced in France. In an attempt to be proactive, Channel 1 in France created a video titled Les Nouveaux Jackpots Des Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques. Roughly translated, that is The New Jackpot Products of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Gardasil is one of the jackpot winners discussed. This video is in French.
  • Almost 70 medical, public health and human rights organizations in India successfully petitioned the Minister of Health and Family Welfare to halt vaccinations of Gardasil in that country. This unusual action was prompted by reports of multiple cases of injury and death following injections with Gardasil as well as concerns of ethical, legal and medical violations with regard to Merck’s vaccination program. A panel of investigators in India are now looking into the allegations.


    • We close with this very personal video in memory of my daughter, Chris.

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  1. Please look at the Sanevax web and under Victims and Memorial Document you will find so many stories of the destruction that is being caused to young men and women when they are vaccinated with either Gardasil or Cervarix. For your records Norma Erickson is now President of SaneVax Inc and devotes her life, along with the team, to helping families whose daughters have been injured. Government authorities have to listen one day, but will they, the teenagers of the world appear to be expendible in their eyes.

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