by Rick Wells

Lying Democrat hack Richard Blumenthal joined Blitzer to completely distort and fabricate a false story regarding the memo Rosenstein sent as a means to illegally expand powers…

The Gargoyle, Democrat Senator Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal, joined Wolf Blitzer for some typical Trump bashing and propagandizing, this time in support of comrade Mueller’s open-ended, get Trump no matter what, witch hunt. With the House Intelligence Committee having moved on to real business and ended their snipe hunt Russia investigation, Blumenthal has replaced Bobble-Head Adam Schiff as the face of the Democrat plot to overthrow President Trump.   [[WATCHVIDEO BELOW]]

It’s Blumenthal’s lucky day, as not only does he get to go on television and scare little children as he talks about the morphing Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, but he also gets to talk gun-grabbing after another instance in which a gun fired itself after stowing away on the person of a human and gaining access to its intended target. He says, “My hearts and prayers go out to blah, blah, blah.” Gargoyles have multiple hearts?

Wolf moves on to the coup attempt and the latest revelation of an August 2017 Rosenstein memo that the CNN hack claims declares that “Mueller is open to go ahead and investigate a whole bunch of areas involving alleged collusion.” Actually Blitzer is no more honest than Blumenthal, he’s blatantly lying.

The memo merely restates that Mueller can investigate the same allegations of collusion that were in the initial memo creating his phony position and that he can investigate interactions with Ukraine prior to his involvement with the Trump campaign. That’s beyond the authority of Rosenstein, as Sessions did not recuse himself from anything to do with Ukraine, and Rosenstein can’t order the special prosecutor to investigate it. Facts sometimes get in Wolf’s way – he’s a Democrat.

Of course Blumenthal is going to distort and exaggerate both what the memo says its impact. He says, “This memorandum is profoundly significant” because of a message that he interprets it to send, “that Robert Mueller is at the doors of the Oval Office and he’s knocking and he’s knocking hard.” There’s no way he could legitimately interpret that memo to be anything of that nature. And it’s only significant to the degree that it exposes the Rosenstein-Mueller corruption.

Somehow he claims to have determined from this nothing memo that the witch hunt can no longer be considered to be that. Again, if anything, it serves as further proof of it being a witch hunt and nothing more. And how many boilerplate memos did Rosenstein write, to cover every potential eventuality, to selectively release them if they were to later become useful?

Blumenthal falsely claims that there is a footnote in the memo that deals with obstruction of justice. There is no footnote of any kind. The last paragraph instructs Mueller to contact Rosenstein if he needs an expansion of his parameters, but there is no mention of obstruction of justice. Just like when he claimed to have served in Vietnam, “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal is lying, knowing that most will never read the memo on their own and take him at his worthless word.

Blitzer then quotes from the memo and asks Blumenthal, based upon the use of the word “collusion” in the instructions to Mueller, if the DOJ has now declared the non-crime of “collusion” to be a crime. Blumenthal the memo clearly indicates that it’s a serious crime, absent any statute that makes it one. Just like they’re making up their own laws on a special counsel, they’ll write their own criminal statutes as well.

Blumenthal will say anything that pops into that grotesque head of his with no consideration of whether or not it’s even remotely factual or accurate. He’s the ideal spokesman for the communist Democrat coup against our President.


TLB published this video report from Rick Wells.US, with our thanks to Rick for making it available. 

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