‘Gender parity in torture’… CIA’s all-female leadership

‘Gender parity in torture’: Twitter unimpressed as Maddow celebrates CIA’s all-female leadership


Women now control all three directorates of the CIA – a historic milestone for gender equality in the clandestine regime change/assassination sector. Rachel Maddow seems to be celebrating, but why is Twitter full of party poopers?

CIA Director Gina Haspel has appointed a fellow female comrade, Cynthia “Didi” Rapp, as deputy director for analysis, making her the highest-ranking analyst at the agency. Elizabeth Kimber was named the first female deputy director for operations in December, joining Dawn Meyerriecks, who has been the agency’s deputy director for science and technology for several years now. As a result, the main branches of the CIA – operations, analysis and science and technology – are now headed by women.

NBC News toasted the agency’s all-female leadership with an article detailing the new “sisterhood of spies”. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow – usually busy hallucinating about Vladimir Putin hiding under her bed – rushed to tweet the story, in an apparent endorsement of the new trifecta of unaccountable girl power.

Soon, dozens of Twitter users swooped in and rained on Maddow’s equality parade, rudely pointing out that the CIA is a cesspool of inhumanity regardless of who presses the clandestine drone strike button. Are these killjoys suggesting that Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other American suffragists weren’t dreaming of one day being able to murder and torture with impunity?

a foog@FoogInc

Hurray! Gender parity in the torture-murder-political-interference-surveillance-state sector is long overdue. Truly a wonderful time to be alive.

In other gender equality news, MSNBC recently gushed about how “the military-industrial complex is now run by women.”


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