$$$ Geo Engineering Makes Money $$$

By Ralph Ely – TLB

$$$ Geo Engineering Makes Money $$$
$$$$$$$$$- Las Vegas Style -$$$$$$$$

Why would Monsanto, DuPont and other Big Chem Corporations be involved in the GeoEngineering Programs? Spray for Profit.  Why would Wall Street have Brokers specialize in selling Weather Derivatives? Sell for Profit.

If you Control The Weather you Control the Country

If you Control The Weather you Control who the winners are and who the losers are. It is the “perfect storm” for making money Las Vegas style. You bet against the winners or the losers. Bet right and you change your tax statutes with the I.R.S. If you have an inside track with the Weather Manipulators, then “the sky is the limit” (no pun intended) to “make bank.”

You can dry out California and when the water dries up, so do the water rights in many cases. They revert back to the State who can then “award” those rights as a political pay back to corporations as the politicians see fit. No water, no crop irrigation. Many farmers have to sell their once fertile land to big corporations for “cents on the dollar” to keep from going bankrupt. Those corporations (Do I hear Monsanto?) can then plant their GMO seeds of toxicity. Did I mention that as soon as all of the water rights are “in the right hands” and the majority of farm acreage is “under corporate control” the rains and show will return to California as if by magic?

The Weather Derivatives business has been growing by leaps and bounds paying out on departures from Average Conditions, unlike ‘weather insurance’ that deals in extremes such as floods.

A Derivative Play Book example: An ice cream manufacturer pays a premium against a cooler than Average summer. Each day that passes and the temperature is below the agreed Average, the manufacture gets a pay-out. (And we have a winner) The flip side of the coin is, if it is a hot summer and ice cream sales go through the roof, then the Derivatives Premium costs are more than the profits. (Ah, better luck next time)


>The construction industry loses in cold weather. Too many cold days and they pay costly penalties for failing to meet deadlines.
>On the other hand, Utilities lose profits in mild winters.
>There are swaps on offer. A colder than Average winter with lots of snow is good for the Ski Resorts, but a cost to the highway/road department to keep the roads clear. A brokered swap might be the skiers paying for highway clearing in the event of a bad winter and the highway department subsidizing the sky resort if it does not snow.

A large number of business are dependent on “average weather.” Tanning saloons are empty when it is hot. See’s Candy and other chocolate products bottom out in hot weather. If the summer is cool, gardening, barbecue and cold drink providers suffer.

The Fix

The Power Elite has the Control. They own “Casino GeoEngineering.” They control what is Average and what is not. The “fix is in.” If you are on the inside it is, “life is good, let’s go to the Bahamas .” If you are on the outside your life’s light is getting dimmer by the day with toxic air, food and water and indeed your liberties and freedom are evaporating as well.

Awake and Taking Action

The Masses are awake. Don’t believe The Big Lie from the dis-information operatives that we need to “keep sounding the alarm,” ” and that we need “to reach critical mass.” We Have Reached Critical Mass! It is time for ACTION.

Take all of the Facebook groups that address GeoEngineering, GMO’s, Big Pharma, ie: Vaccines and Fluoride, Electromagnetic Radiation, The Fed Banksters, The Perpetual War machine and Political Tyranny and you have critical mass into the millions on A Global Scale.

The Liberty Beacon has in place a project, that in the coming months, will bring all of the a fore mentioned Leaders and Groups together. Then locked arm in arm we will make a Global Push that will stop the Genocide of Humanity. Stay Tuned.

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