GMO-Free Liquor? Not As Far As You Know

So the TTB released the little bombshell below. Basically, you can’t put “GMO-free” or something similar on an alcoholic beverage label, even if the product is.

For the most part if you’re drinking anything made from corn in the US (all bourbon, some vodkas) you’re drinking genetically modified corn. Spirits from other crops too. In many (most? all?) export markets, however, you can’t use this. Thus many (all?) bourbons make a GMO-free version for export.

Because most of Four Roses bourbon is sold in Japan, however, their product is GMO-free, even in the US. However, distiller Jim Rutledge said he didn’t think there would be enough GMO-free corn left in a few years so things might change.

Now, does anything from the GMO crop pass through distillation? I don’t know; I’d guess probably not. But people may want to support non-GMO farming. It’s the same with organic booze – you probably can’t taste the difference, but you’re putting your support behind organic farming.

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  1. Thanks for the article. One thing, the genetic modification is made within the DNA so any product or by-product where there is any DNA of the original grain is left, will be GMO.

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