GMO Scandal – The Long-Term Effects of Genetically Modified Food on Humans

By: F. William Engdahl

One of the great mysteries surrounding the spread of GMO plants around the world since the first commercial crops were released in the early 1990’s in the USA and Argentina has been the absence of independent scientific studies of possible long-term effects of a diet of GMO plants on humans or even rats. Now it has come to light the real reason. The GMO agribusiness companies like Monsanto, BASF, Pioneer, Syngenta and others prohibit independent research.

An editorial in the respected American scientific monthly magazine, Scientific American, August 2009 reveals the shocking and alarming reality behind the proliferation of GMO products throughout the food chain of the planet since 1994. There are no independent scientific studies published in any reputed scientific journal in the world for one simple reason. It is impossible to independently verify that GMO crops such as Monsanto Roundup Ready Soybeans or MON8110 GMO maize perform as the company claims, or that, as the company also claims, that they have no harmful side effects because the GMO companies forbid such tests!

That’s right. As a precondition to buy seeds, either to plant for crops or to use in research study, Monsanto and the gene giant companies must first sign an End User Agreement with the company. For the past decade, the period when the greatest proliferation of GMO seeds in agriculture has taken place, Monsanto, Pioneer (DuPont) and Syngenta require anyone buying their GMO seeds to sign an agreement that explicitly forbids that the seeds be used for any independent research. Scientists are prohibited from testing a seed to explore under what conditions it flourishes or even fails. They cannot compare any characteristics of the GMO seed with any other GMO or non-GMO seeds from another company. Most alarming, they are prohibited from examining whether the genetically modified crops lead to unintended side-effects either in the environment or in animals or humans.

The only research which is permitted to be published in reputable scientific peer-reviewed journals are studies which have been pre-approved by Monsanto and the other industry GMO firms.

The entire process by which GMO seeds have been approved in the United States, beginning with the proclamation by then President George H.W. Bush in 1992, on request of Monsanto, that no special Government tests of safety for GMO seeds would be conducted because they were deemed by the President to be “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO seeds, has been riddled with special interest corruption. Former attorneys for Monsanto were appointed responsible in EPA and FDA for rules governing GMO seeds as but one example and no Government tests of GMO seed safety to date have been carried out. All tests are provided to the US Government on GMO safety or performance by the companies themselves such as Monsanto. Little wonder that GMO sounds to positive and that Monsanto and others can falsely claim GMO is the “solution to world hunger.”

In the United States a group of twenty four leading university corn insect scientists have written to the US Government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) demanding the EPA  force a change to the company censorship practice. It is as if Chevrolet or Tata Motors or Fiat tried to censor comparative crash tests of their cars in Consumer Reports or a comparable consumer publication because they did not like the test results. Only this deals with the human and animal food chain. The scientists rightly argue to EPA that food safety and environment protection “depend on making plant products available to regular scientific scrutiny.” We should think twice before we eat that next box of American breakfast cereal if the corn used is GMO .

F. William Engdahl is author of Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order. He may be contacted via his website at

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14 Comments on GMO Scandal – The Long-Term Effects of Genetically Modified Food on Humans

  1. Exactly Ann – besides the whole pitch about GMO. Necessitated for World Hunger is just that – a PITCH ….All NON-GMO seeds have the capacity to REGENERATE themselves – that characteristic Solves World Hunger right there ! If our ingenuity can figure ways to produce and ship more than we need and ten help 3rd & 4th world nations to begin agricultural programs adept to their needs …. BOTTOM LINE ???
    that doe$$$n’t work for BIG BU$INE$$ food companie$….it means They lose CONTROL of the $EED$$$$$$$…..

  2. In ancient times, the elite ate refined (read unhealthy) food, while the peasants ate unrefined, more healthy foods. They didn’t know any better. The elite became delicate in health and suspect in mental aptitude (inbreeding) The peasants’ survival was achieved through better, though scarce, nutrition. Now they are reversing the tables and feeding us manipulated food, for their better profit and our demise. Bad move. It’s like the frog who questioned the scorpion wanting a ride on his back across the stream. By killing us off, they will eventually die.

  3. I don’t trust the “end user agreement” concept being used in term’s of whether their product is healthy, testable (as far as independent scrutiny) or corporate responsibility for the possibility of injurious side effect’s from ingestion of said “product’s”

    I personally don’t feel being the “guinea pig” for some “Frankenstein like” untested product with possible carcinogenic or cell modifying aspect’s involved, It may be fine, then again, life is somewhat fragile from a molecular point of view and in being thus, susceptible to mutation.

    I don’t care to find at some later date that I’ve been ingesting the latest “actual” version of “Soilient Green” in the name of solving the world’s hunger crisis and lining the pocket’s of large corporate entities, with the “end user agreement” equating ultimately, in an all to real literal sense.

  4. Curing world hunger is the line you are being feed by companies that produce GMOs.
    Ending world hunger is far more complex than simply increasing yields on Mono-culture farms (which are not sustainable). When you start factoring in things like Peak Oil (which many think was reached around 2006), diseases and harmful insects now resistant to herbicides and pesticides from the use of GMOs, lose of genetic plant diversity, we have been setup for world wide famine by big Agro, the World Bank, the FDA (controlled by pharmacies and big Agro.)

  5. There is no scientific evidence of increased yields by using GMO’ s and it was never tested on humans. We are the guinea pigs right now. There is evidence it produces huge tumours in rats and kills insects that try to eat the yield. If the insecticide is grown in the product how safe can it be?

  6. “Curing” world hunger is a matter of sharing what is already produced, not genetically engineering food without proper regard for long term effects. Government leaders and elites around the world take the best and most for themselves and leave the poor to eat leftovers, crumbs, and garbage. It’s not technology that solves the problem, it’s the human heart.

  7. I agree with Lee. He summed it up well. I want to learn more about it so I can spread the word. I think there is nothing like word of mouth and people as a whole to get changes made.

  8. If it can cure world hunger I’m for it but not at the expense of our children we in the western world don’t need gm products we waste billions of tons of food a year if we simply eat what we need there is no need for gm as ghandi once said if you eat more than your share you take from someone else or words to that effect xpeacex

  9. they will kill us all in the end , what are we leaving our children , nothing but a life of pain , sad 🙁

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