GMO Victory Will be a State Issue, 25 States Involved, Now Massachusetts Steps Up to the Plate

GMOlabeling[1]As TLB has recently reported the federal government refuses to give up its strangle hold of control over our food supply by issuing a resounding defeat (71-27) of Senator Sanders (I-Vt.) amendment (allowing states to decide the GMO issue themselves) to this years farm bill (1). So this is now a state by state struggle that is making slow but meaningful progress.

There are currently 25 states working on GMO or labeling laws (2) but in many cases these laws include exemptions to these bills, or a particular set of circumstances that must be achieved prior to the bill being implemented. Some of these exemptions or circumstances serve to almost de-claw the legislation of it’s intended purpose, or in fact set them up for failure (this is the influence of Monsanto and big Ag). But progress is still being made, and it is spreading. The voice of well over 300 million people cannot be silenced forever, even by a corporate powerhouse like Monsanto and its band of Big Ag accomplices.

Now it is the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts stepping up to the plate! TLB has been asked to utilize the very strong traffic flow of our website and the reach of this project to see if we can help to move an active grass roots petition along. This is something we do with enthusiasm because as we have all realized by now, neither our government or our elected representatives hold We The People’s health and well being above the profits of Monsanto and Big Ag!

If you are a citizen or legal resident of Massachusetts please follow the link included below (3) and sign this petition. If you are not but know someone who is a resident please make them aware of this petition. Then pass the link and the word to all your friends. It is only through our vast numbers that we have any chance of victory and with 25 states now in the battle and more considering this, victory, although not immediate, is inevitable!

By: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon


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