Gold, money lending, Putin, Trump and the Antique World Order

The Globalists' Antique World Order is in its death throes - the Coronavirus plandemic is its makeshift life support

by Steve Cook

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 12/8/20

Something is afoot.

Evidently, first Putin and now Trump have worked hard to restore control by elected governments over their central banks – which were previously in private hands, those private hands being extensions of the international banking cartels.

Good move! A huge step in the right direction, yet in my view just the first manly stride in what will be a bit of a journey.

Now, we have to factor in the fact that both Putin’s and Trump’s governments have been stockpiling gold like mad. So it appears that a return to the gold standard is on the cards. When we return to a money system backed by gold, then a great deal of power will accrue to whosoever owns the gold.

Again, smart move.

A return to the gold standard, however, whilst a good move will not of itself bring an end to the debt-based money system but it may well be that what Trump and Putin have in mind is establishing a system whereby their elected governments create the money (currently, governments DO NOT create their own money) and bestow upon it credibility and stability by basing it upon gold, of which they will have ample reserves.

As long as they then SPEND the created money into circulation and not LEND it, Mr Putin and/or Mr Trump will have done the world a massive favour and laid the economic foundations of the coming new and much improved civilisation, the Free World Order.

We live in exciting times.

I cannot guarantee that this is what is happening but right now it is sure looking like it to me. There are a few caveats,which I’ll mention in the article below but these are intended as a heads-up on things to be alert for, not to throw a wet blanket over our hopes.

Hope is justified. It always is but right now it is more justified than ever.

I can sure see why the ancient, decrepit criminal cartels of seedy degenerates known as the Deep State, Globalists or New World Order are getting very nervous.


Their name, New World Order, is a misnomer. They have been running this planet into the ground and sabotaging the efforts of good people to build a stable and decent civilisation for a very long time. There is nothing “new” about their world order. What they are striving for is a solidification (fossilisation) of a very old way of ordering the planet, very old ideas, modus operandi, crimes and deviant practices that seem to date from the time of the ruddy pharaohs and of which the modern Cabal is a direct linear, cultish descendant.

Their piece de resistance, the debt-money coup that really consolidated their hold on the planet through its medium of exchange is itself now over 300 years old.

But times and civilisations change.

That ancient order has found itself in conflict with an emerging modern, vibrant, innovative, highly productive civilisation yearning for the stars.

For centuries the world has seen these two opposing forces collide and been shaped by that collision but now the younger and more vibrant is emerging the stronger.

A better epithet for what these crooks and perverts continue to try to foist on humanity is the Outgoing World Order or perhaps the Antique World Order.

And the better state of affairs that is emerging to replace the lunatic asylum or slave society they have been trying in vain to build, the civilisation now being born, is the Free World Order (FWO).

The Antique World Order is approaching its own, long overdue, death. The current Coronavirus Plandemic – a desperate throw of the dice designed to keep hold of the power slipping away from it – is its makeshift life support.

But there is a lot to be done yet to put that FWO stably in place and I hope the following notes, observations and caveats will assist its architects.


A money system backed by gold would  be an improvement on what we have at the moment.

What we have at the moment is a money system based on and backed by DEBT. Put briefly:

Money is created by banks out of thin air as numbers in  computer memories. These are loaned out to you, me, businesses and government AT INTEREST.

Therein lies a whole can of worms there is not the space to go into here but suffice to say we have a money system based on debt and this is a very stupid and highly unworkable way of rigging a money system – unless you  are the sector that owns the debts (the bankers).

How the heck did we arrive at a money system backed by, of all things, by debt to money lenders and which delivers by increments the ownership of everything into the hands of those money lenders?

It harks back to the goldsmiths of old (the forebears of modern bankers).

The Goldsmiths of old were evidently responsible for spawning the world’s daftest and most evil money system. Here, very briefly, is how it happened.

People used gold (and silver) often in the form of coins as their means of exchange. This made gold (and silver but for brevity I’ll just talk of gold) very valuable.

People needed to keep their gold safe.

The goldsmiths who worked gold into coins had vaults so as to keep secure the gold they were working with. So people would ask the goldsmiths, who had secure vaults, to look after their gold for them.

The goldsmith would give out a receipt (certificate) for the gold he had taken into safekeeping. The person could return to the goldsmith at any time and present the certificate and get his gold back.

After a while, people discovered that instead of exchanging gold back and forth as they did business, it was easier to leave the gold in the goldsmith’s vault and exchange the certificates back and forth instead because each certificate was worth the amount of gold it represented and which was safely stored at the goldsmith’s premises.

Thus was born the system of paper money.

Over time, the goldsmiths noticed that people were content to use the certificates and leave the gold where it was – customers rarely turned up asking for their gold.

So the goldsmiths realised that they could print more paper certificates and claim that each certificate was backed by the gold in their vault.

So, for example, if they had a pound of gold in the vault for which there was in circulation a certificate representing that pound of gold, they could print a further (say) nine certificates all claiming to represent the SAME pound of gold.

They could then lend out those certificates at interest and thereby rake in a handy profit for printing some bits of paper. This was essentially a fraud (given the respectable sounding name of Fractional Reserve Lending) and it worked so long as no more than one of the holders of those certificates returned at any one time to ask for the gold it represented. A situation where lots of people all turned up at the bank demanding the same  gold their separate certificates represented was called a Run on the Bank.

A Run on the Bank usually occurred when there was a loss of confidence in the bank or in the paper money it was issuing – such as a loss of confidence that their bits of paper actually were “as good as gold”. Gold was nice and solid and durable and shiny and had a long pedigree of being used as money so people had confidence in it and would return to it when their confidence in the paper was shaken.

Of course, when there was not enough ACTUAL gold in the vaults to back up all the bits of paper that people had turned up at the bank brandishing, a lot of people would go away very disappointed.

So we wound up with paper money in circulation purporting to be backed by gold whereas only a fraction of it was. But it worked okay so long as lots of people did not all try all at once to exchange their cash for real gold.

But the goldsmiths had created a system whereby they could essentially print bits of paper and lend them out. Once lent out they circulated amongst people and essentially they were creating money out of nothing.

Eventually they stopped bothering with bits of paper as the digital age enabled them to use numbers in computer memories REPRESENTING the bits of paper that in turn REPRESENTED gold.

Thus we would wind up with a situation where, say, a hundred billion pounds or dollars was in circulation backed by, say, only ten billion in actual gold.

In the end, the banking industry and governments decided to no longer bother with the pretence that the money was backed by gold.

The creation of money out of nothing and lending it to us suckers, however, continued.


With this in mind we need to be alert for is:

  • The “gold” being represented by “gold certificates”. Gold certificates being traded back and forth as if real gold is changing hands. The face value of the gold certificates will be many times that of the actual gold that exists. It looks as though much of the gold stockpiled by Russia, for instance, is in fact real gold stored in a vault. Good. We need to be sure that when Russia, or the US or any government talks of its gold reserves, it actually HAS real gold, not some pieces of paper representing gold that is stored elsewhere – if it actually exists at all.
  • Who owns the gold that is being bought and how did they come by it?
  • Bear in mind that the goldsmiths’ deception is what underpins the modern money system and the debt-based economy that has evolved from it.
  • And that debt-based-money scam IS what underpins the Globalists/NWO/Deep State/Big Bucks Aristocracy/Antique World Order money power.
  • An effort by a government to pay off its debts with its gold reserves. For one thing a country such as the US for example is TRILLIONS in debt and all the gold in its reserves handed over to its creditors  would not get it out of debt. It would simply deliver ownership of the gold to banking cartels. The correct action would be to declare all debts void that derive from the money fraud and reform the system so that trillions in new fraudulent debt are not then racked up.

You want to put an end to the Deep State crew and their interminable inhibition and sabotage of the efforts of good people to build an enduring and worthy civilisation for all the people of the human community?

Then break this money power.

Remove the privilege given to criminal money-lending cartels (by credulous dimwitted governments) to create money out of nothing then charging us interest on it.

In essence, the AWO is a parasitic entity sucking the life out of every culture or  nation it fastens on to and we are talking here about removing the mechanism by which it  does this.

Production is key

A correct money system IS BASED ON PRODUCTION.

When you base a fundamental mechanism such as our means of exchange on debt or on gold, you essentially empower whosoever owns the debt or the gold.

If you base it on production you essentially empower those who produce the wealth (goods and services) that money represents. And that is YOU and your fellow producers.

How do you base money on production?

Read this article for a brief summary of how it can be done.

Oh, and back up Mr Putin and Mr Trump and their heroic efforts to pull their governments free of the Antique World Order

Hope that helps!

The above article was originally published on UK Reloaded


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