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By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga, America Again Now!

As founder of a national organization, I have over 1000 friends on Facebook, and it isn’t working for me. I use FB for my citizen duty, not for socializing; a tool to dig out the remnant of Americans who will fight for our republic.

I befriended you because you appear to be a fellow patriot who cares enough about America’s trajectory to do something about it.

But see how the enemy distracts you!

Have you ever heard of a head-fake? A misdirection play? Ever distracted a child to take something away from it without its noticing?

I don’t give a frog’s quivering thigh about Bergdahl or the five terrorists that the Muslim Kenyan traded off for that traitor. America’s mortal enemy isn’t the Benghazi scandal…or the lawless IRS debacle…or the lawless Fast And Furious debacle…or the hoax Boston Marathon bombing…or the hoax 9/11 bombings…or the lawless Bundy Ranch debacle…or the lawless Connecticut legislature registering or seizing its sovereigns’ firearms…or elephants joining donkeys to attract illegal alien voters.

We have no time now for party politics, recipes, gun club or theological arguments, kittens, puppies, sports teams, and griping like kids on a field trip!

So next week I’ll say goodbye, posting this to every friend’s wall and then un-friending everyone on my list, family included. You’ll stop seeing my posts on your FB wall unless you send me a new friend request. Don’t send me that friend request until you see my friends list down around 100-200. If it isn’t that low, then I’m not finished cleaning house yet and I won’t re-friend you.

I’ll accept your friend request but I’ll hold you to your duty — and I can’t do that with over a thousand people. I’m hoping for a Gideon moment; hoping to find even 50-60 of you who give a damn, and who will prove it.

Look, I’m not a Mexican or European. I have no intention of letting my grandchildren live like all the people on earth who daily curse corrupt government, but never lift a finger to end its crimes. That’s un-American! But because our parents and three generations before them were idiots, here we are. And the three generations alive today are operating just as idiotically as our fathers did.


The so-called ‘Greatest Generation’ claimed that the depression shaped their childhood; that they fought a European war to “make the world safe for democracy”. Total bullshit; our parents swallowed every illegal boondoggle and communist Ponzi scheme that D.C. organized crime could dream up.

Many statesmen, including Governor Ronald Reagan, spoke out forcefully against the communist transformation. But our parents replied, “My country, right or wrong”, and they cheered in the streets for serial violations of the U.S. Constitution.

They were happy campers, busy launching the new American corporation to invent all the useless crap that every American couldn’t live without. They left us a fascist monster that now rules us and the whole world.

As staggeringly stupid as our parents were, my generation takes the prize for sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, and nary a thought about consequences. We’ve dragged our civilization to a level below fallen Greece and Rome: divorce, abortion, rampant drug use, instant gratification on credit, running from responsibility and into every bit of ‘fun’ that can be squeezed out of life. Meanwhile, D.C. organized crime controls our lives, property, children and liberty.

Now, the Good News

That’s the problem, but there is a solution if we have the sense and courage to end the hijacking while we still can.

First, as we explained in this earlier article, Abe Lincoln launched American communism; Obama marks the end of that execrable chapter in our history, not its beginning.

Secondly, AmericaAgain! is a practical, peaceful, powerful, perpetual action plan that doesn’t require much time or money and also doesn’t involve meetings, officers, elections, travel, and the other pointless activity of politics.

Thirdly, We The People have everything on our side: the U.S. Constitution, the principles of our Founding Fathers, and the Word of God (for instance, see Psalm 94).

Fourthly, even if you think that most Americans are hopeless (I agree), law enforcement is not a popularity contest. Our FAQ page explains that just half of 1% of the adult population can restore rule of law and free our lives from Washington D.C. at last.

So I’m un-friending you for now; if you’re fine with America as it is or you think you can’t do anything about it, have a nice life.

But if you’re with me? We’re going to defy the enemy, and then pursue it to the gates of Hell if necessary. AmericaAgain! is not going to let America go to history’s ash-heap with a whimper, like a bunch of whipped Mexicans — the people that I grew up with, and learned to despise for their unwillingness to fight evil.

We can DO what the generations before us would not do: turn off politics and media distractions, and hit the enemy with a smooth stone, right between the eyes. Sure, he bellows like a damned fool every hour without a moment’s peace. You get it now? This is what he does!

But he’s going down, hard.

© 2014

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