Gorka – Adam Schiff A Liar – McCain A Democrat, Should Sit Next To Schumer [Video]

Gorka – Adam Schiff A Liar – McCain A Democrat, Should Sit Next To Schumer

by Rick Wells

Gorka cuts through the baloney ringing the Democrats, Schiff and Pelosi in particular, and RINO John McCain, who is using his Republican Party membership as a tool for Dems

Democrat point liar and attack freak who every patriot in America wants to punch his lights out, Rep Adam Schiff, warned President Trump against redacting anything from their rebuttal memo that the House Intel Committee voted to release.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka has a few things to say about “Little Adam” as President Trump has politely dubbed the sideshow bobble-head and his RINO counterpart in the Senate, Amnesty Juan McCain. David Asman points to the conflicting positions from one weak to another of Schiff and the lying Democrats.

Gorka responds with a head shake, saying, “If the Democrats didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.”  He reminds the audience that a few days ago Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi were saying “That if the Republican memo, the Nunes memo is released, it will be the end of the world. Sources and methods will be disclosed.”   [[VIDEOBELOW]]

“What happens? The memo isn’t redacted one scintilla,” notes Gorka, “nothing, nothing undermines national security. There’s no sources and no methods unveiled. All we find out is that the Obama administration, Adam Schiff’s buddies, were weaponizing the DOJ and the FBI to illegally spy on American citizens. Adam Schiff is a liar, it’s that simple.”

They point out the contradictions between the Democrats in the aftermath of the memo’s release as well, describing it as a nothing burger of no value instead of Armageddon and the complete sabotage of our intelligence and law enforcement capabilities they had theatrically been wringing their hands over just hours earlier.

Asman asks Gorka about the immigration bill that is co-sponsored by RINO John “Songbird” McCain and his Democrat partner in crime, Chris Coons,  which completely caves to the Democrat demands of Amnesty only. Asman observes, “This is clearly designed to fail,  this is, I think, on the part of Senator McCain, it’s another, he wants to give Donald Trump another black eye.”

Asman continues, “On the part of the Democrats, I don’t think they want any kind of deal with this President before the election. What do you think?”

Gorka replies, “It’s just not done in good faith. I suggest Senator McCain cross the aisle today. I mean look, he’s a Democrat. He’s acting in ways to undermine the Republican President of the United States. Senator McCain, just make it official, cross the aisle.”

He says, “The diversity lottery system, chain migration is non-negotiable. They are behind the two recent attacks that we’ve suffered here in America. We are not going to permit those to happen, the President has said as such. So this is not done in good faith.”


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