GRACELAND: Former Pentagon Spokesman, J. D. Gordon Discusses Russia’s Escalation in Syrian.

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GRACELAND, Episode #4 for Saturday October 10th.

Graceland: Former Pentagon Spokesman, J. D. Gordon Discusses Russia’s Escalation in the Syrian War.

Syria has been engaged in a civil war that began in 2011 with the Arab Spring protests against President Bashar al-Assad. Assad’s government responded to the unrest with violent crackdowns that eventually created an armed rebellion which has cost over 250,000 Syrians citizens their lives.

Several dissident groups grew out of this conflict in opposition to the Syrian government: the Free Syrian Army, the Islamic Front, Hezbollah and the Islamic State which originated in Iraq.

Chaos continues to escalate across the country and much of the Middle East that has led to 4 million Syrian refugees fleeing the area to flee to neighboring states and across European continent.

Former Pentagon spokesman, J. D. Gordon’s solution to help the Syrians is to end the war.

How do we do that?

Gordon believes that the cause of the implosion in the Middle East must be identified and effectively and strategically dealt with. The Saudi’s and Iranian’s are fighting a proxy war over who will dominate and serve as Islam’s global leader. Billions of dollars and Russian weapons are flowing into the region along with extremist Islamic ideology.

In addition the former Pentagon spokesman stresses that the political and religious dynamic which has taken root in the Middle East and North Africa has to be better understood.

The old territorial borders that pre-existed the European nations’ creation of artificial states after the Ottoman Empire fell apart have to be dealt with. This is crucial because the long smoldering undercurrent of forced rivaling religious and ethnic groups existing together began to explode in the Arab Spring of 2011. Dictators were forced out and massive religious and political unrest was the result.

On Graceland Gordon discusses why the U.S. should work with America’s allies to apply pressure to Assad to step aside. He will also explain why a three mini-state solution would allow the Christians and other minority groups to co-exist in their home lands along the Mediterranean. Learn how Gordon’s solution of the Kurds along Turkey’s border in the north and Sunnis bordering Iraq and Jordan permitting them to operate independently, may be a workable solution to the unrest in Syria.

Is America’s weakness under the Obama administration creating a vacuum that Russia, China and Iran will fill? Recently, Russia has interjected itself into the Syrian conflict to help prop up Bashar al-Assad, but also to have more control in the region. Russia has formed an anti-ISIS coalition to do just that and to combat the Islamic State.

In the last half hour of the program, Graceland host Jennifer Meadows, co-host Kevin Fobbs and political insider, Charles Albert Johnson III discuss the shooting in Oregon, gun control, the President’s visit to Roseburg and his less-than-friendly reception by locals.

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Insightful interviews and sharp commentary covering the day’s top stories with a lot of heart and soul…


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