GREAT ESCAPE: Juncker’s plan for ALL members to adopt euro revealed just DAYS after Brexit

PLANS to force remaining EU nations to adopt the single currency and complete a monetary union could be set to cause uproar among member states.


Brexit campaigners said the EU commission’s post Brexit actions prove Britain achieved a truly “great escape”.

Jean-Claude Juncker is now believed to be set on ensuring each member state only uses the euro after the people of Britain voted in favour of a Brexit on June 23.

The president of the commission also seems set on rushing exit negotiations after claiming they should begin as soon as possible.

But it seems Mr Juncker is also keen to accelerate European intergration by making eight remaining nations use the euro.


Jean Claude Juncker rumoured to be making plans to force all EU member states to take on the Euro

Those nations are Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden.

German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claimed there are plans underfoot to accelerate the “completion” of the monetary union.

They say these will soon be announced by Mr Juncker.

And this move could be aided after the commission placed its current vice president in the vacant space left by the UK’s EU commissioner Lord Hill.

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  1. So, we are to expect the USA to do the same or will the Feds and Bankers fight against this ? We hope to get out of the NWO of things.. It is Bad to go along with this new system

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