Has Medical Tyranny arrived in Canada? [Video]

Has Medical Tyranny arrived in Canada?

by (TLB) Staff
For the past 15 years or more, David Stephan has been actively involved in the field of natural medicine through the organization of “Truehope”. This company largely focuses on nutritional supplements aimed at helping mental health. As part of his involvement with Truehope, David has found himself at the forefront of many activist movements that have prevented Health Canada and the Pharmaceutical Industry from stripping Canadians rights to effective and scientifically validated natural treatments which fall outside of the mainstream allopathic drug model.
After the tragic passing of his son, Ezekiel, in early 2012, David and his wife Collet found themselves engaged in a battle for freedom. After a well orchestrated hospital coverup took place to shift the cause of Ezekiel’s death from being a “medical misadventure” to a “parent negligence” charge, they were accused of “failing to provide the necessities of life”, which carried a penalty of up to 5 years in jail.
As part of the court proceedings, the crown prosecution attempted to set a new precedent in law surrounding criminal liability being established for parents choosing not to vaccinate their children against “vaccine-preventable diseases”. As such, David and Collet found themselves overnight becoming an active part of the vaccine choice movement.
In 2016, during his own trial which was the first of its kind in Canada, David became aware of another family undergoing criminal proceedings that originated out of a visit to the same hospital and with some of the same doctors he encountered with his deceased son’s visit. The details appeared to be similar in nature to his own horrible experience.
For this family’s case, David took the opportunity to cover the court proceedings in its entirety and report on them via live streaming. What was further identified in the Jeromie and Jennifer Clark trial was that there is an emerging pattern of profiling and engaging in criminal charges against parents with holistic beliefs for the sole purpose of maintaining and increasing overall medical system compliance but also approved vaccine schedule compliance.

Are the courts being weaponized to push through a vaccine mandate in Canada?

Ultimately what came out in the court proceedings was crystal clear evidence that the hospital error killed 14-month-old John Wyatt Clark.
Former Alberta Chief Medical Examiner Anny Sauvageau, (whose contract was not renewed for having been a whistleblower in regard to the corruption within the Medical Examiner’s office) testified that the child died because the hospital aggressively administered 70 times too much sodium for the chronic hyponatremia he presented with, when he was admitted. Also, a CT scan showed he had a thrombosis which would account for the blackness on a few toes as oxygen was not getting down to his feet. When he was first admitted he was noted to have been alert and crying.
A 15-point neurological assessment was performed and it was unremarkable. A blood culture was taken and it was negative and little John was still interactive and alert at this time. Nearly 2 hours after being in the hospital environment, another blood culture was drawn which showed Staphylococcus Aureus. Fifteen minutes after the overly aggressive sodium resuscitation commenced, John went into a seizure and later died.
Over 9 months later, the cause of death was pronounced as an “overwhelming staph infection complicated by malnutrition”.
The current Chief Medical Examiner, at the same medical examiners office from which Dr. Anny Sauvageau was terminated, drew blood 3 days after John’s death and made the determination that he was malnourished based on the fact his vitamin D and A levels were low.
The Canadian main stream media fueled the fire with their untruthful and biased reporting during the court hearings, even suggesting the child had been “starved”.
Five years ago, when the event first happened, the police found only healthy organic foods in the Clark’s house. To make things worse, the Clarks other two children 7 and 3 were taken away from them and placed in custody of Alberta Child and Family Services.
One has to wonder if there is collusion going on between the media and the government agenda to make sure parents are in medical compliance and are vaccinated? Unbelievably the parents were found guilty and now face up to 30 years in prison. This is quite likely the most ground-breaking case in the history of Canada for establishing medical tyranny.

David Stephan shares his thoughts…


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  1. We the people must have the actual names of those doctors involved!
    actual names and dates of mainstream media including the names of the article contributors, newspaper chief editors names. We will never make any progress without having Names of involved published!!!!
    The overused term “They” is impersonal and leads to nothing. The guilty ones remain obscure and hidden, free to hurt the remaining victims again and again. It is time for Actual names of the ones involved!

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