Has Your Activist Movement Been infiltrated?



By Ralph Ely, TLB

Has your Activist Movement been infiltrated or co-opted by dis-information specialists? Many have. They are hard to identify as they do not wear name tags that say: Big Chem, Big GMO, Big GeoEngineering, Big Pharma ie: Fluoride- Vaccines, Big Banksters, Big War or Big Political Tyranny.

No they will not identify themselves, but they will join your cause. They will work hard. They will try to gain a leadership roll and give all appearances of agreeing with 95% of your stated purpose to “sound the alarm,” “keep rolling the ball forward” and “reach critical mass.” They keep this mantra up day after day, offering no hope of resolution or even a glimpse of the goal post at the other end of the field. They retain that last 5% of leadership to insert doubt and deflect any notion or idea of Action from others in the group or movement. If anyone should challenge their ‘authority‘ they minimize, belittle and demonize that person or group with a ‘whisper campaign‘ or edited copies of supposed emails that were exchanged.

There are many “text book” examples of take over by Government Hacks and Industrial Hacks of Colleges, Industry, Political Movements and Social Movements. A few minutes of research on the Internet will revel stacks of PDF files seemingly from the beginning of time on the subject. (All though, if you research a lot you will notice what you need may not come up on page #1. You may have to go to page #13. Anything to do with the Power Elite and Activism has been moved back and is harder to find.) Many of the page #1 finds are dis-info or have paid a bundle to be there, or both of the above.)

The following text is from an Activist that specializes in making Youtube videos. It was sent to a mutual friend and he is expressing his dismay to find out that his friend/fellow activist/group leader was not what he thought.

Names, websites, gender and other identifying features are fictitious.  The email and the subject matter ARE REAL.
“Hi, I had this same discussion about David, a week ago, and I thought I would send you the long thing I wrote up, so you can understand where I’m coming from, and why David is deleting my videos. My discussion was with a YouTube viewer NOT, with David, as I don’t have any contact with him anymore. I’m not into this political crap, as you know. This is painful stuff, and shows how easy it is to beat us stupid humans… PASTE: OK, private communication is much better, as I know David reads all the comments about him. We used to talk for 30 minutes, every few days, so MANY times I gave David suggestions of powerful things he could do, to turn the tide, and each time he would say “It’s not my place”. So, I have first hand experience of David not being willing to do anything, except town hall meetings. That is why I made the video “how to stop —– and —–“. If you look at David’s website, and click on “get involved”, what does it say? It says to post to his Facebook, and link back to his website. That is a gate-keeping operation, to give everyone the runaround, so nothing concrete ever gets started. That is why he been fighting this for 10 years, and things are only worse, and worse. People like “VidScoop” used to work with David at the town hall meetings, and were telling me all about this behavior, before I saw it, over and over, my self. It is painful for me to say it, but David has been forced into some kind of agreement, to never initiate concrete actions. It takes a lot of interaction with him to prove it, but I have definitely proved it to myself. I don’t want to bad mouth David, as he is a heroic guy, and is doing his absolute best to fight these programs, with the hidden restraint he is operating under. So, my video was done to counteract David’s gate-keeping, and hopefully, create 1,000 groups working to stop the xxxxx. OK, you want examples, I’ll give you some actual examples: 1) I wrote a funny Simpson’s script (Bart’s Cloudacino about gambling on xxxxxxxxx), and asked David to email it to Matt Groening, and he refused, with “its not my place” 2) I told him to start a recall petition over === congressman, who refused to look at the xxxxxxx results – same reason 3) I ASKED David to publish ALL the xxxxxx results he has – no response (same thing VidScoop complained about) 4) I offered to post the plans for a backyard xxxxxxx, to David’s site, so people can collect xxxxxx quality xxxxxx – no response 5) Anything that enables people to do their own testing, is something he tries to discourage (my observation) 6) I suggested, over and over, that simple alpha probe Geiger counters should be used to test the xxxxxx residue – no response. 7) David sent me a xxx meter, promising it was a xxxx meter, but it was just a xxx meter, which could have been used to discredit my xxxx measurements, if I didn’t know any better. 8) Every time I put out a video, David would call, and have LONG conversations, of how I should say this, or how I should say that, and why it is a bad idea to say the other thing. He would often suggest deleting some of my description text. 9) What finally infuriated me, was David is an ally of Robert Dee, defending him, as Robert uploaded hit piece, after hit piece, on me. Robert has been given the task, of blaming the = Industry, for the xxxx control, which is technically impossible. I’m a xxxx engineer, and he is a foul mouthed punk, with big ambitions. 10) I don’t care about politics AT ALL, I ONLY CARE ABOUT TRUTH, but David is all about politics, and not damaging his credibility. This comes out in every conversation with him – it was the main subject, and why David spent so much time giving me “advice” on what to put in my videos. I could keep typing all afternoon… There are many of these examples… What strikes me, is that everything David was suppressing, could be construed to suppress the origin of the xxxx (xxxxxx). We all know where the bulk of the xxxx is coming from now (xxxxxxx), and that is where billions of dollars are at stake. I know that David has no money, so one must ask how he can survive, paying the xxxxx xxxxxxx, without an income, for xx years. That is an ugly accusation, but it factors into this discussion. David has blazed the trail, and made it safe, for those who follow, so I do not want to criticize him, but I have strong, chronic, evidence, that David is FUNCTIONING as a gatekeeper, Granted it is just circumstantial evidence, but I’m not the only one to reach that conclusion. I mean, look at my videos, I’m only oriented towards facts, and remedial action. David, on the other hand is only oriented, towards educating the masses, but stops completely, where action begins. I would LOVE to be wrong about him. I considered David a close friend, back when we talked frequently. We were both walking into the fires of hell, to save our xxxxx, side by side. It hurts me to criticize him, like this, but it is necessary, if ANYTHING constructive is going to get done! Another time, I asked David to run for office in xxxxxxxx. He would have an official public venue, and would be a shoo-in, for state legislature, or even governor!!! He came back with his customary response: “Its not my place”. He won’t even run for county commissioner! The more I think about our conversations, the more of those memories are coming back. I really don’t want to re-live all those hours, on the phone with David, so I hope these two messages are enough of an explanation for you. Take care! Also, every time I uploaded a video, he wanted “first crack” at it, so I would email him the link, and call him on the phone, the very second it was finished uploading. Then, he would watch it, and call me back with “suggestions”. I would always obey David’s suggestions to edit the description, so as to not say anything, which could “hurt my credibility”. I see that “friendship” now, as another gate-keeping control mechanism. I told you I didn’t want to go back and relive those memories… Ouch! I hate being used.”

I will end our friends rant at this point. The remainder of the message goes into more personal feelings about his activist involvement and where it and humanity is heading as a whole. It is more painful than I or he, I am sure, would want shared… and it is not germane to the subject at hand.

When, as activist, we work so hard to bring things to a conclusion, it is disheartening when we learn that someone we thought was a group leader (by pronouncement or default) turns out to be in the battle to satisfy their ego, a lust for power or to “serve another master for monetary or political gain.” Any person or group whose main cause is to co-op a movement, is no better than the Power Elite that is bent on the destruction of humanity. In fact that co-op faction (person or group) is complicit in the crimes being inflicted upon us all and will be held accountable for their deceptions.

Choose to be your own leader. March arm and arm with other leaders. [“A leader is someone that chooses who marches beside him… not who marches behind him.” ~ Roger Landry, TLB]

Time in The Battle for Humanity is running out. We do not have the luxury to follow and listen to false profits or power hungry tyrants. We do need, however, to take the time and listen to our inner self. This is where we will find our true compass heading, answers to our questions and true leadership.

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Reference photo credit and research The Intercept

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