Hatred, Fear, Ignorance, and the Lie that is Stealing Your Freedom (WTP Show)

Muslim FamilyWelcome To the “We The People” radio show with your host Roger Landry produced by The Liberty Beacon project. Tonight’s show is “Hatred, Fear, and the lie that is stealing your freedom”. Our guest today is Ahmed, a well traveled and educated individual who can speak to this topic with wisdom and experience.

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A vast majority of Muslims in this world are peaceful, respectful, generous, loving people and I know this from personal experience (not because some MSM drone told me), but suffer from a very bad rap because of the way our government and our mainstream media portray them (intentionally)! These good people suffer the label of terrorists or those who intend to do us harm with little regard to the facts.

Muslims are demonized, talked ill about and sometimes in a most vulgar fashion! Social sites are chock full of would be experts on what a Muslim is, from the evil to the treacherous. But we have freedom of speech and exercise it quite regularly, sometimes to a hurtful and destructive extreme, all being done without ever looking to see if what we are being conditioned to believe is even based on fact. Or is this being perpetrated by a payed agent tasked with inserting components of the fear mechanism into the equation (we are all aware this is happening).













Today almost 15% of the American population is a Muslim, if you figure this out it represents one of the largest Muslim populations. Yet we seem to co-exist with our Muslim neighbors swimmingly, but you mention a foreign Muslim and the fear glands go into overdrive. We have willingly or through complacency given up many of our unalienable rights because of the fear card with most people not having a clue what a true Muslim is … self imposed ignorance is inexcusable.

Can you really condemn about a third of this words population because of the actions of a few, and who is in fact responsible for terrorists? “If you wish to stop terrorism … stop killing their families by the millions”. But Fear is a very effective tool for control and it is one of the shiniest in our governments tool box.

Please reach out to our Muslim friends and talk, get to know them and make some very good and productive relationships. What you will discover will amaze you because this is a people rich in history, culture and wisdom. We ask you to put your conditioned ignorance, hate and fear aside and help us to dispel hatred and bigotry with truth and respect, because after all as bad as things are today, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

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  1. This needed to be said. When Islam condemns acts of terror, it will further the cause for both truth and love. Trust too. Fear for their life is the reason.

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