Here’s Why Harry Reid Is Calling Patriots ‘Domestic Terrorists’

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Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty.

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called patriots “domestic terrorists.” He used the term to describe anyone who thinks the raid at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada was government overreach and intimidation — like me. You mean sending 200 heavily armed troops, snipers, helicopters, airplanes and rendering trucks (to transport dead cattle) isn’t government overreach?

Isn’t that strange? Isn’t that bizarre? Well, actually, no. It makes perfect sense. Barack Obama’s supporters (like Harry Reid) have learned well about demonization, intimidation, slander and vicious attacks. Obama’s mentor, communist organizer Saul Alinsky, taught his followers that “ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” He defined political opponents as “the enemy.” He advised: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Alinsky’s strategy was to attack, attack and attack some more. He advised his Marxist followers to demonize your opponent with exactly what you see in the mirror. In other words, if you’re the radical, call your political opponents “radical.” If you’re extreme, call them “extreme.” If you’re a domestic terrorist, call them a “domestic terrorist.” That’s how you distract and deflect: by spreading misinformation. That’s how you take the spotlight off your radical views: by painting the other guy as “radical.”

So calling conservatives who want to defend the Constitution by the name “domestic terrorists” makes perfect sense, because Reid is looking right into the mirror.

The facts of just the past few days have proven Obama, Reid (the man who carries Obama’s water in the U.S. Senate) and their entire Marxist cabal to be the real “domestic terrorists.” That’s why they chose the very words that describe themselves — to distract, deflect and cover their tracks.

Just look at the results of Obama’s policies (all voted into place by Reid).

More Americans are now on food stamps than the total number of women working in America.

The number of full-time working Americans in the private sector is about 70 percent lower than the number of Americans who get government checks: 86 million versus about 148 million.

Aren’t these statistics the definition of “domestic terrorism?” How did this happen? This Administration put in place more regulations than any Administration in history. Last year alone, Obama set the all-time record with 26,417 pages of new Federal regulations.

Obama now owns four of the five highest-regulation years in the history of the Presidency.

Then there’s the dollar cost of those regulations. In just one year (2012), Obama’s new regulations cost more than all the regulations of Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s entire first terms combined.

How about the cost for Obamacare regulations alone? American Action Forum reports that Obamacare imposes 645 million hours of paperwork, 4,116 Federal forms and $35.3 billion in costs.

Is there any wonder the economy is a disaster? Is there any wonder why there are no jobs? Obama has placed more handcuffs on the job creators and more roadblocks in front of small business than any President in history.

Isn’t this the definition of domestic terrorism? But wait. As infomercial pitchmen often say, there’s more! It was just revealed that Obama proposed 442 new taxes in his first five years. Yes I said 442.

Forget what this Administration actually passed. Thank goodness Obama had a Republican Congress standing in his way. But can you imagine if Obama had gotten what he wanted? We’d have 442 new taxes. Tax rates would surely be in the 80 percent to 90 percent range. That’s as high as any socialist or communist economy in the world. France is run by a Socialist Party President, and its highest tax rate is 75 percent.

Then there’s Obama Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is trying desperately to regulate coal producers out of business. The EPA also just announced sweeping new clean water regulations that put the government in control of virtually every piece of land in the United States that has a ditch or pothole on it. If it’s an indentation and collects water, then your land is under EPA control — not yours.

Isn’t that the definition of domestic terrorism? Then there’s the government intimidation. The Internal Revenue Service scandal grows bigger by the day. Now it turns out that IRS officials like Lois Lerner were openly consulting with Department of Justice officials about how to target Obama’s political opposition.

This same IRS is tracking our license plates on highways across America. This same IRS has requested the donor lists of the conservative Hollywood organization “Friends of Abe” and now the Ron Paul organization “Campaign for Liberty.”

Why would the government want confidential donor lists? There’s only one possible reason: to conduct a witch hunt to intimidate, bankrupt and destroy their political opposition.

Isn’t that the very definition of domestic terrorism? Yes, Reid is right. We do indeed have domestic terrorists in America. But it’s certainly not Tea Party conservatives.

By definition, it’s the group that wants a different kind of America, that wants to undo what the Founding Fathers created, that wants to violate the Constitution and kill capitalism. That’s the very definition of domestic terrorism. That group resides in the White House. It controls the U.S. Senate. It runs the Democratic Party.

Now you understand why Obama, Reid and their Marxist cabal call others by nasty names. This is the Alinsky playbook.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

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