Hillary: The FBI & Russia screwed her out of Presidency-Trey Gowdy fed up with Fed [Videos]

Hillary: The FBI & Russia screwed her out of Presidency-Trey Gowdy fed up with Fed

By TLB Staff

Hillary Clinton is still out there hammering home the message that she was deprived of winning the Presidency by the FBI and Putin. Most “Down Stream Media” is continuing to ‘carry the water’ for Hillary by regurgitating that mantra.

We were mildly surprised when MSNBC took a critical look at Clinton and her run for the White House.


BREAKING: New Secret Hillary Audio Tapes Leaked


Speaking to a group of her donors, Hillary Clinton sounds more like a bitter sore loser than a professional, sophisticated former Presidential nominee. Clinton rants that Russia and the FBI screwed her out of winning the election.

She’s become nothing short of laughable at this juncture.

Remember before the election, Clinton said that it was unAmerican to not accept the results of an election. The hypocrisy seems lost on a majority of liberals, though it does seem as though many in her base are beginning to wake up and see the ridiculousness of the matter.  Source: The Truth Kings


So Hillary and the Dems are finally wearing a little thin with MSNBC. We wonder if this is the crack in the Media dam that will break and wash away the “Down Stream Media” with a flood of truth. Time will tell.

In the meantime Trey Gowdy is Fed up with the Fed and the entire Hillary debacle.

As the Clinton investigations ‘shake out,’ Gowdy questions the integrity and motives of those involved.

One last thought from TLB


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