History’s Biggest Con-Job

C02_movieb[1]By: Dan Asmussen, TLB Contributor

One Hundred Years ago, the man who’s picture lies on this $100,000 dollar Gold Certificate, sold this country out to the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve.

This is what real money used to look like (based on a real asset), before it was …exchanged for debt based fiat paper (which has no intrinsic value at all). Every dollar in circulation is a debt owed to someone else. The more dollars you have, the more in debt you become. Try and wrap your mind around that for a moment.


At the current price of gold, this $100,000 certificate would get you 60.423 ounces of gold (3.75 pounds)

In 1913, the price of gold was worth $20.67 dollars per ounce. Back then, this same Gold Certificate would get you 4837.92 ounces of gold (302.37 pounds)

If you had 302.37 pounds of gold today, it would be worth just over 8 Million dollars ($8,050,298)

Realize that the price of gold has remained the same since 1913. It just takes more pieces of worthless paper to acquire the same amount.

Over the last 100 years, the Federal Reserve has successfully transferred the wealth of this country to themselves via inflation (invisible taxation), and many generations of ignorant Americans have let them get away with it. The question is, what are we going to do about it now that we know the truth behind their criminal Ponzi scheme?

Want to know the biggest con job in history?

The current National Debt stands at $16.884 Trillion dollars. Ask yourself who we owe this money to?
The answer is NO ONE!

All of the accumulated debt since 1913 has been borrowed into existence at interest. The interest does NOT exist! You just think it does…

Paper fiat currency has no value whatsoever, so how can we be charged interest on $0 by the Central Banks? Interest rate x $0 is ZERO! They are pulling the biggest con job in history and everyone fell for it. When money is created out of thin air, so is the interest.

Gold and silver were such a powerful money during the founding of the united states of America, that the founding fathers declared that only gold or silver coins can be “money” in America. Since gold and silver coinage were heavy and inconvenient for a lot of transactions, they were stored in banks and a claim check was issued as a money substitute. People traded their coupons as money, or “currency.” Currency isGold bars not money, but a money substitute. Redeemable currency must promise to pay a dollar equivalent in gold or silver money. Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) make no such promises, and are not “money.” A Federal Reserve Note is a debt obligation of the federal United States government, and is owed to the International bankers. The federal United States government and the U.S. Congress were not and have never been authorized by the Constitution for the united states of America to issue

currency of any kind, but only lawful money, (gold and silver coin).
It is essential that we comprehend the distinction between real money and paper money substitute. One cannot get rich by accumulating money substitutes, one can only get deeper into debt. We the People no longer have any “money.” Most Americans have not been paid any “money” for a very long time, perhaps not in their entire life. Now do you comprehend why you feel broke? Now, do you understand why you are “bankrupt,” along with the rest of the country?

dollars 01Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are unsigned checks written on a closed account. FRNs are an inflatable paper system designed to create debt through inflation (devaluation of currency). When ever there is an increase of the supply of a money substitute in the economy without a corresponding increase in the gold and silver backing, inflation occurs.

Inflation is an invisible form of taxation that irresponsible governments inflict on their citizens. The Federal Reserve Bank who controls the supply and movement of FRNs has everybody fooled. They have access to an unlimited supply of FRNs, paying only for the printing costs of what they need. FRNs are nothing more than promissory notes for U.S. Treasury securities (T-Bills) – a promise to pay the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank.

There is a fundamental difference between “paying” and “discharging” a debt. To pay a debt, you must pay with value or substance (i.e. gold, silver, barter or a commodity). With FRNs, you can only discharge a debt. You cannot pay a debt with a debt currency system. You cannot service a debt with a currency that has no backing in value or substance. No contract in Common law is valid unless it involves an007f005b2cdd69bd62ef0f7632385d4a[1] exchange of “good & valuable consideration.” Unpayable debt transfers power and control to the sovereign power structure that has no interest in money, law, equity or justice because they have so much wealth already.

Their lust is for power and control. Since the inception of central banking, they have controlled the fates of nations.

For those that want to learn more, please read my notes:
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