How Small Lies Obscure Objective Truth and Simplicity


Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Imagine you are at a crime scene. A person has been murdered. A suspect is caught running away from the scene of the crime. Weapon found, motive established, relationship found between the victim and the suspect. As the prosecuting attorney you present your case outlining all the details of the case. You present witnesses, forensic evidence and other pieces of evidence.

Then imagine if the defense attorney announces that he wishes to introduce a new rule to control the trial. He declares that from now on, regardless of what evidence is presented, unless the defense team fesses up to the evidence and accusations, the evidence has no value. The defense attorney declares all evidence to be null and void unless the defense itself acknowledges their guilt and admits to the evidence.

Now imagine if the judge agrees to these ridiculous rules despite your protest. The judge establishes the new rules for guiding the trial without considering any protests. All the work you’ve done to prove your case against the accused criminal now is subject to the defense admitting to it. Wouldn’t this represent a dramatic shift in the advantage for this trial? All the cards are now comfortably in the hands of the defense. They need only to deny guilt and they are sure to win the case. How convenient huh?

This may sound ridiculous but according to those who believe government and mainstream media, those who carry on with their meaningless lives as they obey the control system and allow TV to do the thinking for them, according to these people, this illogical, unfair, complex and confusing process is a perfectly logical way of dispensing justice.

Many Americans argue that evidence against government is a “conspiracy theory” believed by “tin-foil” lunatics who actually believe that the government is corrupt. We all know these brainwashed zombies would believe all revealed conspiracies if the government actually admitted to them and they saw it on TV, don’t we?

In this automated complex world we live in today, no amount of objective and clear cut evidence is enough to break through the mass deception. Few are capable of truly thinking on their own and looking at the evidence completely independently of mass media mouthpieces and politician speeches. Without even realizing it many of these people are living in a complex and twisted world that plays perfectly into the hands of the controllers.

Sadly, this is the reality we all live in. We are surrounded by a humanity that is largely in a complex dream state. With every day we look for ways to awaken others to the small subtle lies that have massive long term effects on humanity. These small subtle lies distort the simplicity of life and complicate reality in a way that suits the globalist perfectly.

Although the example in the court trial above is easier to see, our world of government corruption and false flags works the exact same way. We hear accusations blamed on government all the time (9/11, JFK, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Oklahoma City bombing, chemtrails etc). As always, government denies the accusations and without doing any research many people blindly accept the government’s denial as evidence of innocence. Furthermore as government and their mouthpiece media denies the accusation, it is somehow up to you to “prove” your accusation as if the government lie is the established accepted truth which needs no proof itself. Of course, when you introduce evidence your evidence is disregarded as conspiracy theories regardless of how strong it is.

Objective evidence

One thing to remember about objective evidence is it always stands alone and because of its self explanatory nature there is a simplicity to it. The evidence is damning and it addresses the reality of what happened. Evidence itself, like truth, is always waiting to be discovered or realized. We as humans are the ones who create rules to deflect the reality and the perception of the evidence. Commonly government will demonize the messenger to deflect from the fact that they have no defense against the presented objective evidence.

The problem of information and disinformation we face today are analogous to a diseased body. The disease of stupidity and naivety is real but as with medical diseases it can often be overcome with proper treatment which takes time and effort. During the healing process some cells will never heal so the body gets rid of them via the immune system. Other cells will be restored to normal. Ultimately you hope the healthy, properly functioning normal cells eventually win the battle of good versus bad cells. Likewise, in the battle for objective evidence and information we are in now, if the disinformation and lies (told by government) wins, humanity dies and is permanently enslaved. Thus it is important to continue pushing back with objectivity, truth, logic and reason in hopes that enough people will come around in due time.

Technology and the future

Unfortunately we live in a world where humans have been hard-wired to a signal box (TV) that airs messages that are being controlled by a small group of people with a specific agenda that includes depopulation and control of the species. Our minds are thus trained to view government as somehow being a special entity with special powers immune to lying. A force whose intentions are benevolent, and one who carries the power of truth and justice. Of course, nothing can be further from the truth.

Unfortunately as technology advanced over the last several decades, the control system stepped ahead of humanity by offering it technology which it had already rigged for advanced control over the species. As was revealed by Edward Snowden, humanity was caught off guard and now faces an uphill battle fighting the nefarious intentions of NSA and CIA, all the while the species enjoys the benefits of the latest technology which has been used to further pacify and distract humans.

The good news is one large component of the inevitable human awakening involves becoming aware of how technology can be used to strike back at the control system. Humanity is now tasked with finding ways to use the technology to help humanity and make life harder for the control system. With every day we are beginning to imagine a world where humanity simply doesn’t need government any more. A world where control of all resources is decentralized. A world where government surveillance is all but impossible due to advanced technology. A world where all human needs are possible for every person on earth because of technology. A world where war is not possible to sustain because of technology. A world where police corruption can be tackled in real-time with technology. Perhaps a program activated by we-the-people where the identity of the involved officer is broadcasted in real-time in a manner that will impact the officer’s social, personal and financial life or other creative ways. This technological threat alone may act as the new deterrent to police brutality. The possibilities are endless.

So as humanity struggles with the issue of still assuming government is a trustworthy necessity for survival of the human race, the subtle issues of government corruption versus “conspiracy theories” remain disappointing indicators of how far we may still be from enjoying greater days as a whole.

Simplicity of truth

Until enough of humanity can awaken to the simplicity of our situation our progress will continue to move slow. The good news again is that nothing has changed from the perspective of how humanity changes. Throughout history societies and civilizations change their ways slowly. This slow social change is part of who we are so let’s keep the ball rolling in the direction of awareness and truth. Let’s keep calm and play our cards smart. I firmly believe we are in a winning scenario despite the darkness and evil that surrounds us. There is no way to hide global tyranny and ongoing false flags to promote endless wars abroad and destruction of freedom at home in a technological world where everyone has the power of the internet at their hands (literally). People today can confirm history on their own without believing politically motivated lies from the Government funded education system, mainstream media, Hollywood or other mouthpieces. More than ever the road to solutions is becoming clearer and clearer.

In the end those paying attention and looking for truth will see that the secret to humanity thriving is in keeping life simple. Simplicity is one of the great virtues of life. The control system relies on complexity to intimidate, confuse, and control the species. Eventually many will see the direct relationship between simplicity, clarity, happiness and fulfillment on the one hand and complexity, confusion, enslavement and misery on the other.

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